FO: Summer Mystery Knit A Long 2014

It’s done!


I figure by now I don’t need to worry to much about spoilers. I’m most definitely not the first person to have finished the shawl. :)

It’s not as large as I thought it would be. It’s hard to tell in the picture because I laid it on the floor. It’s more of a shawlette rather than a full size shawl. At least at the size I made it. I could have probably made it bigger, as I didn’t use all of the skein, but as I was using the same stuff the designer did, I wasn’t sure I’d have too much leeway. But, surprise! I did!

I haven’t blocked it yet, since I just cast off tonight. But overall I’m happy with the result.

The only modification I did was going up a needle size from US3 to a US4.

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Drive-by Blogging

It’s late, I’m tired, it’s a Friday, but I wanted to let you folks know about how both the MKAL and the sock are doing.

Still working my way up the foot of the sock.

I’m 3 pattern repeats away from being done with clue 2, which is funny, because clue 3 comes out in the morning. I’m too tired at this point however, to finish the three repeats up before I go to bed.

did go to the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester NH today. It was fun, I went with someone from one of the knitting groups I attend, there was a fashion show, I got to see a yarn dyer I know (and see a shawl that I knit for them on display) and I bought 2 patterns. I was good though, no yarn.

So have some pictures from the Show today (which, by the way, is there all weekend). Oh yeah, and there was yarn bombing!









I’m off to bed!

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If you can’t guess from the title…. the sock came out.


I slept on it Friday night and on Saturday I made the decision to start pulling it out. It was simply way to big and was never going to fit right, so I’m going to try it again.

I’ve gotten the toe finished and I’m working my way up the foot again. This time I’m not going to follow my numbers blindly and I’m going to try it on as I go so that it actually fits. At this point I’m not worried about the stripes matching as I am the darn thing just fitting my foot!

And of course, clue 2 came out for the MKAL I’m doing, but I didn’t get it printed out until today, and I’ve only got 2 repeats of that section of the pattern done because I helped someone move on Saturday (so like NO knitting time then) and then on Sunday I was so sore that I couldn’t even really bring myself to knit. Oh and I had an optometry appointment. I don’t need new glasses! That’s always good to know. Because, I do actually have glasses, but I don’t wear them as nearly as much as I should, but my script didn’t change so I’m not going to worry about it.

I think that’s about it for tonight! A sock was frogged, then started again, and I’m working on clue 2. There’ll definitely be a spoiler post later this week!


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FO: Cotton Candy Socks (Kind Of)

So, I can apparently knit a sock in less than 3 days. However, it doesn’t match.


Somehow, though I used the exact same yarn, on the exact same needles, knit them back to back with no break in between, AND they’re the exact same number of stitches (yes I triple counted), the second sock is bigger (it’s the one on the right). Don’t quite know how that happened. I’m debating ripping back, because, honestly, it’s too big. I’m not sure what to do. I’m really not. But I’m not happy with it. I’m leaning towards ripping it out. I’ll probably decide over the weekend. At least I know that I won’t need more yarn, since it’s supposed to be SMALLER.

But really, ripping it out would mean ripping out the whole sock, because it doesn’t match all the way down to the toe. I guess I just kind of ignored the fact that something wasn’t quite right, when, when I finished the toe decreases, I’d already moved onto another color where on the first one I hadn’t yet. But of course, I just blithely carried on and now I’m stuck with two socks of different proportions.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

For now, I’m going to sleep on it. I’m getting up early so that I can watch the new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal live (it’s 6AM my time). Have I mentioned recently I’m a total nerd?

PS: I organized yarn today! And cleaned. But the yarn is prettier. :)



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Cotton Candy Sock and Toe

I finished half of a pair of socks yesterday. So that’s one sock down, one to go.


I called them “Cotton Candy” because the colors of the yarn reminded me of, well, cotton candy. I’m making the pattern up as I go, which is my first time making a sock without a pattern. I am, however, using the “Fish Lips Kiss Heel” method for figuring out how big a sock is. It’s only $1, and it’s totally worth that one buck for the amount of information you get for it. Seriously, this is the best fitting heel I’ve ever had on a sock that I’ve knit, and the method for figuring out how big the foot should be was genius.

Since I finished the first sock last night, I immediately cast on the second one. That’s something I have to do to hold of second-sock-syndrome, because I know that if I don’t cast the next one on right away it’ll be months before I get around to it.


So, this morning I finished the toe, and I’m working my way up the foot.

These socks are also a part of “Sock It To Summer 2014″. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have 3 pairs of socks by the end of August. This is pair 2 and I think I can get them finished before the end of the month and then I just have to do a pair in August (which sounds totally doable) and I’ll have 3 pairs of socks to show for it. Overall I think it’s a completely possible and I’m going to go back to working on that sock now.


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WendyKnits – Summer MKAL

WARNING: This is a spoiler post for the first clue of the shawl. If you don’t want what the first clue looks like spoiled, you may want to skip the second part of this blog post.

On Saturday (12, July), the blogger and designer Wendy released the first clue of her annual summer mystery knit a long.

Ironically enough, I had a hand of the exact yarn she used for her test of the fingering weight version of the shawl in my stash. Thus I am using the yarn Shalimar Breathless in the “Blueberry” colorway for the shawl. The yarn is a 75/15/10, Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend. It feels wonderful in my hands. I’ve gone up one needle size from a US3 (3.25mm) to a US4 (3.5mm) to compensate for how tightly I knit.


Isn’t it pretty?


I ended up winding the yarn by hand because I wasn’t home when I went to wind it and I didn’t have my swift and winder with me. I hadn’t done that in a while. I’ve been spoiled by the swift/winder combo. I then proceeded to use a plastic container as a yarn bowl because I didn’t have one with me. Actually, I don’t own one of those really nice yarn bowls. I just tend to use whatever’s around (including regular bowls, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes).

Now, for the spoiler, so again WARNING: if you don’t wanted the first clue spoiled, skip the rest of this post. Read the rest of this entry »

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4, July 2014

First off, happy Independence day to all my fellow American’s out there!




Yup, you read that right, I got the stripes of my socks to match. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I’ve always found it super hard and I always try to triple check my yarn to make my stripes match. The fact that these actually do just makes me giggle with happiness.

And thirdly, Hurricane Arthur.

The Boston Pops were last night, and no “1812 Overture” due to the weather (and the fireworks were early). The holiday party I HAD been planning to go to tonight was cancelled due to the weather (though I still get to go to a party tomorrow) and I’m sitting here watching it rain.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried by Arthur. I’ve been through category 3 and 4 storms in Florida while visiting family. I’ve slept through worse storms. It just kinda sucks that the holiday is being spoiled by the weather. No, I’m not blaming anything except the natural forces of mother nature, and honestly, I don’t think she cares about what the date is. It’ll certainly be interesting to watch the storm!


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