Not much cleaning. But there was cooking!

Last night marked the start of Passover. Cue not being able to eat any and all bread products for the next week. It’s not as bad as it seems. Especially with how many grain and gluten free foods are available these days. Though I will say, having to eat like this all the time would stink. I don’t mean to offend anyone that has a gluten allergy or Celiac disease. But I don’t have either of those. Passover certainly gives me a taste of what it’s like to have them though!

Yes, I’m still working on my room. Yesterday didn’t lend itself to much cleaning however. I did manage to do about a 1/3 of the laundry that needed to be done and there’s another 1/3 in the dryer right now. And I’ll do the remainder when I get back from my knitting group.

So what was I doing yesterday? Well, other than the laundry, I had lunch with friends, then dropped off the finished test knit at the designers house (pictures to come when pattern is released), then I spend the afternoon cooking dinner for my mom and I’s seder dinner. We did a short seder, but we still did one. We decided not to go to the synagogues one which lead to us doing our own.

Matzo ball in the pot on the left. Gefilte Fish in the pot on the right and chicken in the oven.

Matzo ball in the pot on the left. Gefilte Fish in the pot on the right and chicken in the oven.

So I was in charge of the cooking since my mom wasn’t home to do it.

I don’t do large amounts of cooking often so it was nice to know that my mom thought everything came out well.

And just to prove that I am still knitting and this is still a knitting blog, I’ve been working on my Sockhead Hat that I have on the needles.


PS: It’s very hard to write a blog post when your cat is rubbing all over the desk between you and the laptop.

Snapshot_20144151004 (3)

And all three of the cats are in my room to boot! There’s the whole house and all three of them have to be with me. Figures.


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Day 2

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I came to the conclusion that my room needed a rather deep clean. I’m sure you, dear reader, agrees heartily after seeing the panoramic of my room that I posted. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll have seen my running commentary in image form on the whole room-cleaning thing. I will say though, it’s rather difficult to see the improvement in the following photos, mainly because I was standing in my door to take them and they’re not the best angle to show what I’ve already cleaned.

To recap, this is my bedroom, Wednesday, before I began cleaning:


Now, this is my room yesterday afternoon after about 5-6 hours of hard work:


The results of yesterday were 3 1/2 bags of trash and 5 bags of clothes to be donated. I was very strict about getting rid of stuff I’ve never worn or haven’t worn in the last 5 years with the exception of college/HS sweatshirts. Those stayed.

And now, the results of today:


Today I focused on my desk the most (though I did do some work on my closet). I wanted to be able to actually use my desk. I figured if I had a dedicated place to sit (instead of say, the living room couch were I’ve been sitting) while I job search, I might get a bit more done. Yes I’ve been looking and applying, but I don’t know. There’s something about getting up in the morning, getting dressed and sitting down in a dedicated space that just seems better than lounging around all day in my pajamas. Though, honestly, starting to take my ADD medication is helping as well. I was hoping to go without (I’m quite good at functioning without it), but this job search is something that I really need to focus on and so, I’m back to taking it. I don’t like the idea of being dependent on a drug, but I have to admit, it certainly helps, and I had it prescribed for a reason in the first place.

Today my desk went from this:


To this:


Quite the improvement don’t you think? And this mess


is what was leftover and I’ve even taken care of that!

I’m on a roll!

I will, however, be taking a break from cleaning over the weekend. I stay with my boyfriend over the weekend so I won’t be home to clean anyways. I think it’ll be good though because I won’t get burnt out on cleaning too much too quickly.

After two days of work, I consider my room 1/3 sorted. For me, that’s great. If I can get my room straightened out by the end of next week, I can start working on all the other piles of stuff I have scattered around the house. I’ve got stuff (including yarn) taking up about half of the living room. Just my luck right? Get one thing clean, have 5 more!

Now, I do have some knitting for you folks! I found this


Which is probably one of the first things I ever knit! My grandmother (on my mom’s side) taught me when I was very young. I probably knitted that around the age of 5 or 6. As you can see it took a rather large beating over the years (I blame the cats).

The other thing is this!


It’s a ‘fascinator’ I made for my mom for her birthday (which is at the beginning of April). She runs her own Red Hat chapter and, remembering that I own a copy of Nicky Epstein’s book, “Knitting in Circles”, asked for a fascinator (like they wear in the UK) in purple with red accents.

I actually combined two patterns from the book, the red flower and greet petals came from the “Victorian Parasol” circle, and the purple circle they’re attached to is the “Radiator” circle from the book.

Now my mom wants another one! This time with the colors reversed. Red circle, purple flower. Well, I have until the end of April to do it!

Well, it certainly seems that self public humiliation really is a good motivator for getting things done! I’ve put another 4 repeats on that test knit, but I can’t post any pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone! And I’ll see how much cleaning I can get done on Monday for another post.

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Okay. That’s it.

I need to do something about my room. Seriously, It’s gotten very bad again. I’m going to publicly humiliate myself on my blog in order to motivate myself to clean my room. It worked a few summers ago, so it’ll probably work again.


That’s my room. The same room I’ve been living in since 2000 when my mom and I moved the summer before I started 7th grade.As you can see, most people would call it a horror show. I don’t particularly LIKE it this way (in fact, I don’t like it at all), and something needs to be done.

Since I’m still not working this seems like as good a time as any to get off my ass and do something. Yes, I’m still looking for a position somewhere. I’m just going a little stir crazy at home and need to do something. I figured this is as good a thing to do as any.

Granted, I wish I could go buy another bookshelf, and replace my dresser with one that more suits my needs (my current furniture was a present for starting elementary school from my grandmother – I outgrew it years ago), but I can’t, so it’s best that I get off my butt and organize what I can while I can. I can at least get my bed and desk area in order, even if I can’t quite get all my clothes in the drawers (I only have 4) and even if I can’t get everything quite in order, I can at least try.

There has been knitting, but since it’s a test knit for an unfinished pattern I can’t exactly show you. I will say though, I ended up ripping back what I’d done last Friday and had to redo it because I lost count. ‘Tis the life of a knitter I suppose!

Hopefully I’ll have more knitting content (and a room update) for you on Friday.T


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Progress and New Projects

Well, so much for keeping my number of projects down! I’m still not in double digits yet. I’m up to 8, but one is on hold, so I have 7 that I’m rotating through.

Right now, I’m focusing on two patterns. My Granny Cheyne for one. Which finally has enough progress that you can see it from the last photo!


I’m about a 3rd of the way through the inner border. Only 65 rows to go! Then I can do the center square and then it’ll be done!

The other project is a test knit, so I really can’t show the project itself, but the yarn however….


It’s very pretty yarn. There’s some silk in it so it feels wonderful, and this should be a fairly quick project. I just started it yesterday so hopefully I can get through it quickly.

As for all my other projects… I took pictures of the stuff I’be been working on.


Sockhead Hat


I’m trying to knit a pair of socks without a pattern. I have a toe!


The Vortex Shawl


Dragon’s Egg Socks



And there you go! That’s just about everything.

Now I’m off to dress shopping for something to wear at graduation. After that? I’ll probably do some job searching and applying. Overall, should be a productive day!


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Anime Boston 2014

What a weekend!

Anime Boston was this past weekend. I know I hadn’t mentioned anything coming up to the weekend, but as I wasn’t actually making a costume this year (I reused Luna from last year) there wasn’t much to blog about until it was all said and done with.

The worst part about the weekend is that Friday I came down with a really bad cold and was a bit zombie-like for the weekend. I still did my best to enjoy myself and have a good time regardless of how my Nyquil I had to take to be able to breathe.

I ran into someone I know from back in high school who had a table in Artist’s Alley, that was awesome.

I got mistaken for a female Doctor on Friday because I wore my Doctor Who scarf. I also had a panelist give me a hug for taking notes during her panel which was awesome.

Saturday I dressed up in the costume I made for AB2013. If you remember, I did a series of blog posts about making the outfit (though not how I did the wig, which was a whole lot of making-it-up-as-I-went). I ended up at a Sailor Moon photo shoot.

I'm second from the left of the image.

I’m second from the left of the image.

I don’t have a photo of the whole group you (I’m keeping an eye on the Anime Boston forums for group shots. Hopefully some pop up soon!).

Sunday, I didn’t dress up at all, only went to one panel, but by that time I was so exhausted from being sick that I just wanted to get home. I tried to have a good time, really I did, and I tried to make sure that I wasn’t a downer to my friends who I was with, but it only worked so well.

As for buying anything… my boyfriend only got me a few things (I didn’t want much anyways), but I’m happy with it. A lot of things in the dealers room are available cheaper online, and in Artist’s Alley, there were things I”d consider buying later but not as an impulse buy at a con.


That’s everything I got! The badge with the ‘con-plague’ button (I thought it was appropriate because I was sick). An AB2014 t-shirt, and a couple of ‘badges’ and buttons from an artist in Artists Alley.

If you can’t tell from how sick I said I was, I barely got any knitting done over the weekend. Last year I knit almost a whole pair of socks in the various panels that I went to. This year was a very different story.

Don’t worry, there will be more knitting soon. I’m still recovering today, but tomorrow or Thursday we should be back to regular knitting.

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Follow Up Part 2

The Yarn Harlot’s blog has been updated!

You can find it HERE.

First picture I’m there in the front row with my Neville’s Cardigan (my smile is quite creepy unfortunately).

Further down is the link to the knitting nuns that apparently show up every year. One of them dyes and sells fiber to spin. Isn’t that cool?

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Follow Up

This is the follow up to two posts from this week. About Selkie and the Yarn Harlot

I had hoped that the Yarn Harlot would post a blog post about the event on Wednesday so I could link back to it, but alas, she hasn’t posted anything yet. I’ll definitely link to her post once it goes up though!

For now though I’ll post the pictures I took on Wednesday at the event.

Obligatory crowd shot from before the talk began.

Obligatory crowd shot from before the talk began.


She needs no introduction but she got one anways.


The talk/reading itself was great and as you can tell I had an amazing seat.

I actually made her a mini-hexipuff as a present. She was who inspired me to start blogging and to learn to spin.

I actually made her a mini-hexipuff as a present. She was who inspired me to start blogging and to learn to spin. She said she’d put it on her Christmas tree.

Then she signed my book!

Then she signed my book!


Great book!

And there it is!

And there it is!


Now onto my SelkieLike I said on Tuesday it was blocking and drying as I typed that post. Yesterday I finally got around to sewing the buttons on. The cables themselves flattened out a little bit more than I would like but it’s completely wearable.

I also went for the optional ‘sleeves’. Basically you sew the bottom of the raglan seams. It has the added benefit of keeping it from flaring out in the back which is nice.




One last thing.

Remember this yarn? That I dyed last year?


Well, it’s finally going to become something! It took me almost a year to decide what to do with it but I know what I’m going to do now. A simple scarf that will show off the color but will also have a visible pattern. I think I found the best of both worlds.


Enjoy your weekends!


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