Yup, that’s right! I found my sweater.

Yes it was in my room, yes I looked a half dozen times, yes I know it was silly to get that worked up about it, and yes, I know this means my room is a total disaster.


But never the less, I’m happy I found it.

Also, two of the shawls I have on the needles are going well.


As you can see, I’ve made it to the body of my Rockefeller and it’s going smoothly.


My Vortex Shawl is also back in rotation and I”m moving along nicely with that.


PS: I wanted to post this last night but fell asleep before I could get it up, so enjoy the random early-morning Tuesday post!


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Panic Mode

For my readers who have been with me a while I’m sure you remember my Neville’s Cardigan that I knit in 2012 going into 2013. For those of you that don’t remember, let me give you a refresher.

I knit my own version of the sweater that Neville Longbottom is wearing here:


And my version looks like this:

IMG_20130322_193711 IMG_20130322_193700

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up a project over a year old on a post titled “Panic Mode”. Well….

I can’t find the sweater.

My mom and I both remember it being in the living room on the back of the loveseat a few weeks ago (where it had been most of the summer). However, I wanted to wear it and now neither of us can figure out what happened to it after. I can’t find it in my room (mess or no, it’s hard to miss a sweater that looks like that), it’s not at my boyfriends, it’s not in my car, and it’s not in the living room. My last bastion of hope is that perhaps I left it at my grandmother’s house. I’m going to call in the morning and hope against hope that it’s there.

Because, if that sweater’s gone I can guarantee I’m going to cry. That sweater was 7 months of work and I don’t want to think about the yarn cost.

My mom had to calm me down when she got home tonight. I was truly panicking that I couldn’t find the sweater. Really. I’m not even joking. I was on the verge of crying tonight, let alone if it’s actually gone.

(Takes a couple of deep breaths)

In other news, there was some good knitting news. I finished the first art of my new Rockefeller


So that’s at least something positive! I also picked up the stitches and knit a few rows of part 2, so it’s moving along.


Now if I could only find that sweater…


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230,000 and 26

You probably think these numbers have nothing in common. And other than both of them occurring today, you’d be right.

This evening on my way home, my car his 230,000 miles. I, being the dork I am, immediately pulled into the next available parking lot and took a picture of my odometer.


As you can see, yes, the car was actually in park when I took the picture. For reference, I drive a maroon 1997 Toyota Camry LE. We bought it with just over 162k on it, so I’ve done a good bit of driving the last seven years I’ve owned the car. A lot of it was while I was at UML. Commuting really puts the miles on.

Now what does 26 have to do with all of this? Why it’s the number of neck repeats I’ve gotten done on my Rockefeller in Hufflepuff.

Snapshot_20149082147 (3)

It’s actually rather hard to take a picture of curved knitting a) with a webcam and b) with a cat in the way. Of course, the colors are a little messed up due to the horrible lighting in my bedroom, but progress is doing quite smoothly on it. Probably because I’ve made a Rockefeller before, if you remember back to last summer. This has been lunch break and evening knitting as there’s no knitting on the job allowed!

Now that things are starting to cool off (70F days instead of 80 or 90F days) I’m itching to cast on something new. I’ve been good though! I haven’t cast anything on. Though I will say that I entered this new Rockefeller into the “Fall into Shawls 2014″ even being hosted on the “Knot A Podcast” Ravelry group.

Here’s to hoping everyone enjoys their week!


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Two Weeks and a Weekend

Well, it’s been two week at my job. The second week went a lot better than the first one, though I still need to improve a lot. Having never worked in an office before, learning how things work isn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be. This coming week is a short one (due to the long weekend) but I’m ever hopeful that it’ll be better. At least I really like my coworkers!

I’m planning to enjoy my Monday off (happy Labor Day!) by watching the Mythbusters marathon on Science Channel and knitting/crocheting. I do have to pop out for a little bit because I need to pick up more yarn for the baby blanket I have in progress, but other than that, I’m planning to relax.

One last bit of “non-crafting stuff”. I got convinced by my boyfriend and our friends to make a character and give a D&D 5th edition campaign a shot. It’ll certainly be interesting! And yes, I’m a total nerd if that wasn’t obvious before this.

Speaking of crafting….

Those socks that I’d had on the needles since March? They’re done! As of Saturday morning at least.


They are my second and final pair for Sock It To Summer 2014 (sits2014) and I’m just happy to have them done. I had to knit the second sock twice after all!.

With that project done, I’m down to 5. 1 crochet, 4 knit projects on the go. 

The crochet project, which is what I’m focusing on right now, is the baby blanket for my cousins who, after Friday, could have their baby on hand at any moment. My goal is thus: Finish the blanket by the weekend.


Right now, that right there is the halfway mark. As you can see from the tiny balls above, a) the skeins were different sizes; b) there wasn’t nearly enough for the whole blanket; and c) that’s why I’m going to go buy yarn today. I need one more skein of each color and the blanket will be done. Hopefully, I can churn out half a blanket this coming week! Crochet is certainly quicker than knitting so I’m thinking, even with work, if I really buckle down, I’ll be able to get it done.

One last thing. I was given a project bag by my LYS as a “congratulations” on the job thing (all the ladies there have been cheering for me to find a job / finish school, they’re great). The blanket actually fits quite nicely in it, and I got to choose the fabric. I’m quite fond of the foxes. :D

20140901_110219 20140901_110253


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First Day

Well, it wasn’t a total disaster! I was certainly nervous, but things went better than I thought. And hopefully I’ll be even better tomorrow.

On the knitting front, I didn’t manage to finish that sock over the weekend.


As you can see, I’m barely past the heel. I’m going to plug along on it and hopefully I’ll finish soon.

I’m also working on that blanket, but there isn’t much progress to show, so I haven’t bothered with the picture, but I’m hoping that will be done soon as well.

Other than that, it was a long day, and I’ll have to get used to them again, but hopefully it was the first day of many days to come.

Don’t worry, the blogs not going anywhere. Progress on projects might just be a little slower than it has been though. :)

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And So It Ends

No, not the blog. But my unemployment.

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I was hired for my first post-graduation job. Thus, this is my last weekend of “freedom”. Honestly, I’m not going to miss having that much time on my hands. Yes, I got an awful lot of knitting done, but I was beginning to go a litter stir crazy. I’m the kind of person who needs structure in my life and having a job will provide that.

That being said, my days of going to the Tuesday knit group, and going to my LYS’s Friday group three hours early, are over. I said my goodbye’s this week, and I went to my LYS 3 hours early and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be crating! I’m excited for Monday, but also nervous. I’m going to have to wear a few different hats for this position, and I’m hoping to get a handle on things pretty quickly.

As for my weekend goals, well, my mom and I are going to lunch tomorrow to celebrate the fact that I got hired, and I’m planning to finish a sock that I’ve had on the needles for what seems like forever., and to work on that baby blanket that I mentioned last post. Beyond that, I’m going to enjoy myself and relax.

Here’s to hoping that everything goes well! And I hope everyone has a good weekend. :)


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So, tonight’s blog post was originally going to be about how I’m working on a baby blanket for my cousins. And that I’m writing the crochet pattern myself. And then, it was going to be about how I GOT A JOB! And all of the jazz around that.

But then I heard that Robin Williams committed suicide.

The movies and comedy he did were a huge part of my childhood. Aladdin (though I don’t actually like that movie), Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, those are the movies that shaped us 90s kids. I was shocked to hear about his death. He’s only slightly older than my parents and it was just a huge surprise. Depression is a horrible thing. We’ll know the details in the coming days and weeks and we can only remember a person who brought so much joy to others, all the while fighting his own demons.

PS:Yes, I did get a job today! I got hired to start on Monday. More about that and the blanket later this week.


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