Serenova Crafts Episode 29: Feeling Better

I’m doing a lot better this week! Show notes are short because I haven’t been knitting much but there they are.

FO: July Socks


Twill Sock Club Socks 2

Summer in Kansas

Shawl of Doom

Podcasts mentioned:


Two Tangled Skeins


The Singing Cricket Etsy Shop

Sock Yarn/Mini Swapping Group – Facebook | Ravelry

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Better but not Well

Like the title says, I’m feeling better but I’m not quite well yet.

I finished the antibiotics yesterday, though I still have a prescription mouthwash I need to use for a few more days, hopefully I’ll be done soon.

I’m really really sorry that I missed my podcast this week, but I’ve just been so tired that doing anything other than sleep and a little bit of work was completely out of the question.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been house sitting since the 16th and I’ve had to go over there twice a day, even while sick. I don’t begrudge the house sitting, and when I agreed to do it I wasn’t ill yet, and I don’t want to back out on my responsibility, but it’s been really hard to. Even though there’s 2 kitties I get to cuddle at the house.

Because I’ve felt like crap I’ve done very little knitting since I last showed you guys. A few rows here, a few rows there, but you know a Knitter is really sick when they can’t even knit (or crochet or do anything really). My mom said she knew I was really sick because earlier this week I asked for Kitty. Kitty is a stuffed animal who I’ve had since I was 1. I haven’t slept with her in years, though I still have her. The fact that I wanted her means that really, I wasn’t well. At least according to my mom.

Today though, other than being extremely tired, I’m feeling better overall. I’m hoping that a few days rest where I don’t have to wake up at a certain time will do me some good.

Here’s to a better weekend than last! And lots and lots of sleep!

Have a good weekend!


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Not An Episode: Quick Update

I’m just not feeling it this week, because I’m still having my butt kicked by the antibiotics. See you all next week for the podcast! I’ll try to get a regular blog post up before Wednesday.


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Serenova Crafts Episode 28: OW

I could be flippant about it, but honestly I’m not feeling well. I talk about it in the beginning of today’s episode.

Last night I attended the VKN (virtual knit night) for Two Tangled Skeins. Had a blast, hope to return next week.

On Monday I got diagnosed with Diverticulosis. Fun times. NOT. (Flagyl tastes horrible BTW.)

No FOs this week.


New stash from A Hundred Ravens

In closing I think one of my external hard drives might be dead. If so I’m going to have to pay someone to recover the data. Fun times. :(

Check out the Ravelry group!


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A Long Day

Today didn’t go anything like I had planned. First of all, I didn’t expect to wake up in pain. Secondly, I didn’t expect to spend the whole day sitting in the Radiology waiting room of the hospital.

However, because today didn’t go as planned, I now had to take two different antibiotics for 10 days (with no alcohol). I also have to watch what I eat from now on.

So here’s my day in pictures (all 3 of them).


First off, this is what my July socks looked like when u got to the hospital (give or take a few rows (this picture taken last night).


I had my knitting with me, which was a very good thing or I may have strangled something, so I worked mostly on my July socks. I then finished the first sock and attempted to start the second. Casting on was interrupted by my have to drink two full cups of this stuff:


Which was supposed to taste like vanilla and totally didn’t in any way shape or form.

So I finally (hours after I got there) have the CT scan done, they read the results, I talk to the doc and get my marching orders.

Now I’m on the 2 different antibiotics and I’ve got to take it easy for a while.


At least I got plenty of sock knitting done!


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It’s BAAAaaaaaack

Okay, so it’s difficult to type the equivalent of a sing-song voice with text, but just imagine that’s what I’m trying to do in the title above.

The project I’m referring to is of course my Shawl of Doom (my project), more commonly known as Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl (pattern).Funny thing is, I’ve referred to it as the “shawl of doom” so often that everyone at both my knit groups knows exactly what project I’m referring to. I even enabled someone else to buy the yarn and pattern to make one though I don’t know if she’s actually started it yet (or if she’ll ever knit it for that matt


That’s the shawl pinned out at it’s current point. Row 66 of 102 for the inner border of the shawl. After I finish that part I still have 100 rows of center square to knit, but after that I’m done. So that works out to 136 rows remaining on the shawl. Total. However 36 of those rows are approximately a gagillion stitches long (actually at the end the last row is 564 sts long, the border started at 684 sts total – but that’s still a lot!), thankfully the center rows are only 128 sts long so they should fly in comparison to the border sts.

Oh and each row takes me about an hour due to the complexity (seriously complicated charts with the pattern worked on both sides).

Though, of course, I took the longer way to do the border because you can knit the 4 borders (it’s a square shawl by the way) separately and then seam them, or you can knit them in the round to avoid seaming. I took the second option, hence the super long rows.The only seaming I’ll have to do this way is 16 sts on the very edge for the edging, and sewing the center square into the center of the shawl.

My only conundrum after that? Where in the world I’m going to pin it out to block. I’m using a yarn that will probably grow (it’s alpaca) so I’m looking at at least a 3 foot by 3 foot shawl to pin out. This will be fun!

And when am I hoping to get this done by? Well. the sooner the better really but my ultimate goal is to enter it in a fair this fall so I need to make their submission deadline (which still hasn’t been announced, ugh) so sooner rather than later is the modus opperandi of this shawl.

Besides, it’s been on the needles since January 1, 2013 – that’s 2 1/2 years. Really, I should finish the thing at this point.

In other news, I managed to do a few rows of the baby blanket last night so that’s coming along nicely, though it looks more like a rather odd scarf at the moment instead of a baby blanket, but it’ll start looking like a blanket pretty soon probably (hopefully).

Yes I took a picture of the blanket on a cat tower. My floor options are either beige carpet or white-ish linoleum. Our couch is brown and our bedspread is red. The balcony is usually an option but the humidity today made me not want to go out even for a quick picture session.

On an unrelated note, I need better photo-editing software than the basic Microsoft stuff. One of these days I’ll shell out for Photoshop (and no I don’t like a lot of the free things that are similar, I’ve tried a lot of them).

I also have 14 projects total on the needles/hooks. Two are long term scrap projects so they shouldn’t really count but that still leaves a full dozen projects that I have on the go. I think I need to finish a few. The top of the list includes the following:

  • Granny Cheyne (see rant above)
  • July Socks
  • Baby Blanket
  • Design project scarf

And I think that’s enough for now. There’s quite a few other projects on the list (they’re actually all on my Ravelry project page if you wanna be nosy), but those are the top. That doesn’t mean I’ll focus on them in that order. Granny Cheyne isn’t good purse knitting but the July socks are for example.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m hanging out with a college friend tomorrow afternoon and then on Sunday there’s a family dinner for an uncle’s birthday. :)


PS: Did anyone else notice that Ravelry changed their little logo for the browser tab yesterday?

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I. Am. An. Idiot.

Today’s blog post is brought to you from Dofus Land, and by the lesson “Always check your stash!”.

I just realized about 5 minutes ago that I have the perfect yarn in stash for the baby blanket I’m making. (Okay not five minutes ago because I’ve scheduled this blog post to go up about 12 hours after I’m typing it but it has actually only been 5 or so minutes for me.)

Too bad I didn’t realize that fact before I purchased 2 skeins of yarn that I now can’t return. Don’t worry, I’m actually not that upset with that. I think I’ll warp the loom and make a scarf with them.

So here’s how far I got before I realized I’m a complete moron.


And here’s the yarn I had in stash with the strip of blanket I’d already made. See how close those colors are? Yeah, total moron over here.


I think my grandmother’s original plan for the green was a blanket (there are 3 shades of green) and a sweater for the orange. I was going to make a sweater out of the orange but I don’t mind using it for this blanket because it seems fitting that this baby will get something made from yarn that their great-grandmother purchased.

Anyways, now to restart the blanket (for the 4th time) and warp my loom with the yarn I bought for the blanket that is now going to be a scarf for me (I like the colors so I’m not worried about it).


Edit: I started the new blanket with the old other yarn and it’s coming along nicely so far. I do have to work today so probably not too much progress until tonight.


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