Episode 148: This and That

  Ironically after last week, I ended up wearing a Sailor Moon shirt for this episode! Should have worn it last week! Anyways, this episode is a little bit of a few things. Hope you enjoy! FO: Hermione’s Everyday Socks WIPs: Design Shawl Test Knit Bably Blanket Join me on discord!


Episode 147: Sailor Moon Anyone?

There’s show notes this week! They’re not much, but hey, at least there will be links to stuff? FOs: Grandmother’s Favorite Washcloth Windmill Dishcloth Hurdle Stitch Dishcloth WIPs: Hermione Socks 8 Hour Shawl Stash: Wool of the Andes Superwash in Noble Heather Book: Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible Come and join my discord!

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Serenova Crafts Episode 144: TNNA and Other Things

TNNA was great! I’ll be uploading a separate video about it soon. Still need to edit it! Overall had a good time! Got some networking done and got some inspiration for a couple of design projects. Mug is from Pawley Studios! Don’t know how I didn’t remember that! 😛 The inspiration between “Equal Justice Under… Continue reading Serenova Crafts Episode 144: TNNA and Other Things