FO: Norberta Socks

Okay, so the colorway is “Norbert” not “Norberta” but c’mon, the dragon ends up being a girl (once Charlie Weasley gets a look at her and can tell the difference of course).

Anyways! These are my standard vanilla sock recipe, toe up with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel (seriously the best $1US I ever spent on a knitting pattern).

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Iachos in the “Norbert” colorway.


These took me a lot longer than January’s pair because I’ve been working! Yay, paycheck! But seriously, a LOT less knitting time. I’m not complaining though, and I still think I can totally meet my goal of a pair a month, so that’s good, it’s just interesting to see how things change

But I’m sure you want to hear about the socks, right? Right. So these were fun. The color didn’t really pool, though it looks like it’s striping in the photograph. It’s a pretty variegated yarn. Not exactly self striping because they’re super short sections of color, but they didn’t really pool either. Overall they’re quite nice. These aren’t going to be “wear out places” socks. There’s no nylon in the yarn (100% Superwash Merino), but socks that instead I wear around the apartment. They’ll certainly be warm though!

I haven’t pulled my March yarn yet. That’s going to be on Sunday, but it should be another good one!

As for a quick update on other knitting… I finished the first part of my Catkin! So that’s moving along. I’m hoping that the rest will go as smoothly as the first part!


It looks a little scrunched right now and it’s only going to get worse and the stitch count is getting rather large and those are 40″ needles! We’ll have to see how it goes.

Have a good weekend everyone! There’s a little bit of snow expected where I am, so stay warm out there!

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Serenova Crafts Episode 8: Flippin’ Cold

Here’s today’s episode! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regular blog posts, things have been a little crazy. I need to get back into the habit of writing more, I really do enjoy it. Anyways, here are the show notes for today.

Projects mentioned:

Patterns mentioned:

Yarn people mentioned:

Ravelry Group: Serenova Crafts Podcast

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Serenova Crafts Episode 7: No snow!

Here’s episode 7! And for once it isn’t snowing. Overcast, but no snow. :)

Knot a Podcast – who the fiber is from

90% Knitting Podcast – who the yarn is from

February Socks

Serenova Crafts Ravelry Group

Entirely Crafty Podcast – who the test knit is for

If I’ve forgotten anything let me know! I’d be happy to add it in!

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Negative Degrees

While it may technically be above zero here in southern New Hampshire, the wind chill has us sitting at a pretty -4°F (-18°C). Damn cold in my book.

Knitting is coming along, but I can’t show you what I’ve been working on the most because it’s that test knit! I’m almost at the heel and I want to get that one sock done soon. Then I can finish my February socks (which are sitting at half a sock). And all before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

I did go outside today, but it was at Noon, and for the sole reason of cleaning off my car and moving it to a clean parking space. My fingers were so numb by the time I got back inside (even with wearing insulated gloves) that I went and took a hot shower just to warm all the parts of me back up again. It’s the wind that makes it so cold. Without the wind it’s not so bad, but the wind is biting.

Not much knitting has been going on through I did read 2 books over the weekend. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed knitting and reading at the same time (one of these days!).

My big goal for this week? Get my quilt blocks done so that I can go pick up the next block at my LYS on Saturday! Wish me luck! I only hope I’m not sewing them at midnight on Friday. My current plan is to do them tomorrow night, but we’ll see!

Stay warm out there!


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Serenova Crafts Episode 6: Nothing Much

Here’s episode 6 everyone!


Entirely Crafty Podcast

Calibre E-Book management

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Minimal Progress

This was yet another weekend when I didn’t get much done. Partially due to snow, partially due to just being tired. I’ve definitely gotten away from keeping regular hours and I have to now that I’m working so I think at this point it might take me another week or two to not be exhausted at the end of a day or the weekend.

As the title suggests not much has happened since I posted my podcast, but I figured I’d give ya’ll an update anyways.

I’m about halfway done my Hitchiker Shawl. And I know that because I’m just about to finish the first ball of yarn and I have a second ball of yarn so I know I’m halfway.


The yarn is some A Hundred Ravens Iachos in the Starry Night color that I got back in October.

Next up is my Catkin Shawl. I’ve added a couple of the cream stripes but right now it’s just long stockinette rows.


There’s also the Neyera Cowl which I’ve given up on participating in the KAL for because with work there’s absolutely no way I can get this finished by the 15th.


And lastly we have my February Socks which sadly, aren’t going nearly as fast as I would like. Again with that work thing making it hard to knit all the time!


Well, I think that’s everything that’s in “active” rotation. I of course, have more than that on the needles, but those are the four that I’ve been working on the most and they’re the ones that have seen progress since my last update.

By the way, yes, in fact it IS snowing again here in New Hampshire. In face it’s supposed to snow all the way through tomorrow! And add another foot to our total. Yay… If there was a way to represent really dry sarcasm in text you’d be seeing it here.

While it’s nice that I don’t need to worry about the commute, and I can work whether it’s snowing or not, I do worry about Kevin out on the roads. Especially this morning when the parking lot wasn’t even plowed when he left. I know he’s a good driver and he’s got a sturdy car but things can happen.

So, here’s to hoping that it isn’t snowing where you are! As we’re in week three of storms here in New England. Hope you’re staying warm!


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Serenova Crafts Epsiode 5: More Snow!

Episode 5 everyone! Sorry it’s a day late but things have been crazy.

I finally started my job, yay!

Russel’s Garden Center where the farmer’s market was held. Unfortunately most of the places there don’t have websites as they’re very local. So no website for the roving!

The Alpaca yarn.

Lamby Toes Shop

Knot A Podcast: website / Ravelry group

Vortex Shawl

February Socks project.

My Ravelry Group


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