Memorial Day 2015

For those of you not in the US, today is Memorial Day. We’re supposed to honor our troops, but it also marks the unofficial start of summer.

However, because of the way the calendar’s line up, it also means that it’s Shavuot this past weekend and today as well. Which means that I’m off to services tonight at 7:30 for Yizkor.

Also, I’m working today. Fun times right? Though I don’t HAVE to work today, we didn’t have any plans and I don’t want to have to pull super long days this week to get my full 40 in, so working today it is!

Don’t worry, there HAS been knitting! In fact I finished the test knit I showed you guys on the podcast on Wednesday,


It still needs some ends woven in, but it’s done! Now all I need to do is give my notes to the designer and I’m all set. The red yarn Fish Belly Fiber Works – Tributary in Garnet, and the grey is madelinetosh – tosh sock in Composition Book Grey. I have about 1/3 left of each skein. Both are fingering. The pattern isn’t out yet (so unfortunately no link) but it should be out soon! The link to the designer is in my podcast show notes from last week, go check her out!

Since I spent most of the last few days working on the shawl I havent’ worked much on anything else but now I’m back to my May socks, gotta get those done before the end of the month!

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day and I’ll see you on Wednesday for my podcast!

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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 20: Bad Audio

I’m going to apologize right up front. Something went wrong with the audio this week. I’m still understandable, if a little distorted, which is why I didn’t re-record the episode. Hopefully I’ll have my tech problems sorted for the next time I record! That’s two weeks in a row now…

So here’s the show notes for today.

The KAL I mentioned is Yarn Fairy’s in the Garden by Donna Druchunus. Link to the kits is in the pattern description on Ravelry.


As promised, here’s a link to the beekeeper’s quilt from tiny owl knits. I’ve been working on mine for what feels like ages (probably is). But it’s a great pattern and I’ll get there eventually!

And my Fitbit Profile if you want to add me. I’m not the most active person in the world, but what the hey.

Feel free to add me on Ravelry, follow me on twitter, or to join the Ravelry Group.

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Not worth it (right now),

So I’ve been looking into getting my podcast video’s on iTunes.

After much internet researching, I’ve come to the conclusion that for now, it’s not worth it. iTunes does not support YouTube videos, and to host a weekly video podcast like mine on a server somewhere, it just ain’t worth it right now.

Personally, I don’t even use iTunes to find podcasts, nor do I watch them there. I’ve found it to be too clunky and too much of a processor hog on my computer for it to be worth it (I also don’t have an Apple device that can play video podcasts – I’m still old school with my iPod Classic – yes the old one. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it). In fact, I do most of my podcast watching on my computer, so iTunes actually doesn’t work for me.

I’m sorry if anyone wanted to subscribe through their but for now, it’s just not going to happen.

But I’m sure you don’t want to listen to my prattle on about technical stuff, I’m sure you’re here for some crafting. Especially since I haven’t done a typed blog post in a while!

So here’s some quilting for you.


I’m actually totally behind on my quilting for this month. The blocks need to be done for tomorrow! And look at it! The main block isn’t even sewn and I haven’t even cut the filler blocks yet.

Also, I attempted to use my treadle machine to sew some of them…. yeah, no, I nearly mangled the fabric as I’m not consistent enough in my treadling to sew on the machine yet. More practice is needed!

My May socks don’t look much different than when I showed them on the podcast on Wednesday, though I do hope to finish the first sock off tonight and get it’s mate cast on sometime today.

I’m also doing a test knit! I’m not going to show you until the projects done and the pattern’s published, but don’t you worry, it’s going to be an interesting one!


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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 19: Funny Faces

Short show notes today folks! Did these a bit on the fly as I didn’t get a chance to re-watch the video like I liked so most of these are off the top of my head. Let me know if you have any questions!

Current projects

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

Goodies form NH Sheep and Wool

  • Hand woven dish towel from Lee Greenewalt at Big Sky Farm Handweaving
  • Orifice Hook from Shipyard Point Glassworks (they also had really neat straight knitting needles with glass toppers – too bad I almost never use straights anymore!)
  • Basket I think came from Stitchy Women. I kinda lost track with all the basket places and I didn’t bother with a receipt because I paid cash.

Can’t think of anything else right now! Again, if I missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to ask. :D

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Serenova Crafts Episode 18: Shawl of DOOM!

Well, this certainly took a long time to upload today. I wonder what’s going on with the internet.

For a fairly short episode, I got quite a few show notes for you so here we go!

I’M GOING TO BE AT NH SHEEP AND WOOL ON SATURDAY MAY 9! If you’re curious about the festival you can check it out here. If you’re going to be there, feel free to come up and say hi! I promise I don’t bite. :D

Second we have the shawl KAL. You can find the Stitch Addiction podcast group here. The shawl KAL thread is here.

The project I’m entering is my Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl. Here’s the project page, and the pattern page. The book that it’s from is actually an interesting read.

My April Socks are done!

My May Socks are on the needles.

The Bad Egg yarn is from the Lamby Toes shop on Etsy. The shop’s on vacation right now but that’s because she went to Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 17: Benton

Hope everyone’s been having a good week. I’m a bit exhausted today as I was up late last night. Also had some lighting issues so please excuse if anything looks a little funky.

Now onto show notes!

My Benton Cardigan is finished, though I may make a few adjustments.

Here’s the pattern for the Beekeper Quilt.

My April Socks are getting close to done. And I chose the yarn for my May Socks.

If I’ve forgotten anything let me know!

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Serenova Crafts Episode 16: Easily Distracted Wednesday

Quite the episode for you folks! I’m all over the place today. These are going to be lighter show notes today as I actually only talked about a few different things.


Benton Cardigan

April Socks

Merlot Houndstooth (weaving)

Alpaca being spun

Thank you for watching this weeks edition of “easily distracted podcasting!”. It’s been a crazy day so far and I still need to actually do my job!

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