Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 15: Spin, Spin, Spin

It’s been quite the week since I last podcast!

First off, the two new podcasts are

The Knit Shift

Such Nice Work (This is Kendra who won the yarn last week.)

Cokie did really well at the vet! Other than being a little chubby, she’s doing fine. She does need her teeth cleaned so I made an appointment for July, but it’s not something bad. Pets need dental work just like their humans do.

Projects mentioned:

April Sokcs

Benton Cardigan

Two-Tone Twill Scarf

The spinning wheel I got is a Schacht Sidekick and I’ve decided I love it.

I still need to finish my quilt block for Saturday.

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PS: I got onto the Hello Yarn waitlist! YAY!

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Change of Plans


No spinning wheel for me.

The woman contacted me Saturday night and decided that the universe was telling her not to get rid of the spinning wheel so she was going to keep it. I wasn’t really mad, but just sad because I got so excited about it.

So what did I do instead? Well, after my mom and I went to a presentation at the synagogue on Saudnay morning about Jewish religious objects (it really was very interesting), we took a drive out to Derry NH and the shop out there that sells spinning wheels. I’d planned to get a wheel then but when I spoke to the woman there, I decided to, instead, take one of their spinning classes so that I can try the different wheels they have and see which one I like best and then get one. So I may just have a wheel on Friday. We’ll see!

No pictures today because, well, nothing looks all that much different from what I showed in the podcast, but you can always check out my Rav projects page if you wanna see some pictures.

I’ve also spend some time over the last few days to try my hand at designing. I want to make a stole, and I have some lace patterns I’ve been fiddling with, the problem is I want to do a knitted on border rather than a border you do after so I’m trying to adjust an edging I like. We’ll see how it goes!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the warm weather. I have a couple of windows and the slider open, but the only problem with that is that now I hear all the highway noise. I’ll take an increase in background volume for some fresh air. I think it’s a decent trade off considering our balcony is like 100 feet from the highway on ramp.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a good week!


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Sweater Repair

I’m sure long time readers remember my original Ginny Cardigan. If you don’t I’ll wait while you go look at the pictures of me standing in my mom’s downstairs bathroom wearing said cardigan.

Are you back now? Good. I’m sure more recently you remember that I cast on a second one. Well, what happened to the first one?

Back in January I had to stop wearing my original sweater. One of the cuffs had given way and a dropped stitch in the ribbing was the result.

So this morning I finally got off my butt, picked up the sweater from where I’d tossed it in our second bedroom and dug the leftover yarn out of stash. Time for repairs.

After fixing the laddered cuff, I realized that both cuffs were ready to go in more than one place.


See that? Yeah, that’s a frayed edge right there. Apparently the stretchy cast on I used to give the cuffs the, well, stretch, they needed turned out to not be sturdy enough to take a year of at least weekly wear. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly rubbing my wrists on things. They keyboard when I type, along the couch when I reach for something, the list goes on of what your wrist and the heel of your palm touches every day.

So I took that leftover yarn, cut a long piece and whip stitched completely around both cuffs to give them some extra support (before another stitch gave) and wove in the ends. A perfectly ready to wear cardigan is a result.

Now if I’d only gotten off my butt and done that two months ago.


PS: I’m getting my wheel on Sunday! I’m getting excited! Gotta finish up Passover first though. Yizkor (memorial service) is in the morning and then at sunset tomorrow, it’s all done. I think I’m gonna have a nice big bowl of real pasta.

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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 14: Everything is Blurry

Bad camera work is the hallmark of today’s episode. I just could not get the thing to focus. Good thing by that time I wasn’t really showing anything anymore! Just talking.

One thing I forgot to mention (and I can’t believe I forgot this) is that I get my spinning wheel on Sunday! I’m super psyched about it.

So, things I talked about in this episode.

I got a project back from Sewn by Lindsay.

The black hole of a linen stitch scarf. The pattern is Two-Tone Twill Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

My April socks.

I got some lovely malabrigo roving. The color is 866 Arco Iris.

And the starteritis. That would be my Benton Cardigan, Bee Strip Pi Shawl, and my third Hitchhiker.

I hope everyone’s having a good week! I’ll tell you all about the spinning wheel in the next episode! Because I’ll have it again! There should also be some quilting too as the block is due next weekend.


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Knitting Black Hole

Do you ever have one of those projects? One that seems to go on forever?

I’ve had the Two-Tone Twill Scarf on the needles since the end of March. And guess what, it’s less 5 inches long. Wanna know why? And no, it’s not just because I haven’t knit on it much (there’s at least a solid 7 hours (probably more) into this thing).

It’s linen stitch.


Linen stitch is officially the bane of my knitting existence. It takes forever and you feel like you go nowhere. I may not be the fastest knitter around but I do like to think I can knit fairly quickly. I mean I’m doing a pair of socks a month on top of other projects. You have to be able to knit at a certain speed to do all that (plus work 40 hours/week!). But this project…. this is officially a time suck. More of a time suck than the sweater I have on the needles. At least with the sweater I can tell I’m making progress! This thing, I feel like I knit and knit and knit and it only gets a 1/4 of an inch longer and I feel like I’ve done 20 rows.

As much as I want to frog it and use the yarn for something else (and it is really nice yarn not that you can tell from that photo), I’m not going to. If you haven’t figured it out already, I have stubbornness issues.

But I’ve decided this project has a due date so it’s going to be this and socks until it’s done. April 24. So 3 weeks. Why April 24? First of all it’s a Friday, second of all it’s when my LYS is having a party to celebrate things made with yarn bought from that LYS. And guess where this yarn came from. Yup! You got it. So I want this done by then. And I’m stubborn enough that I just may get it done (but not guarantees).

Oh, one last thing. The weaving project I have on the go is also from yarn from my LYS. So I want to get that done to. So it’s scarf, weaving, and socks, until they’re done. So much for the other things I cast on in a fit of starter-itis.


PS: 6 days until I get my spinning wheel! Squee!


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Belated Happy Birthday

My mom’s birthday was yesterday. I’m not going to tell you her age (because that’s just rude).

But I did want to say a few things about her.

She’s the one that always encouraged me to think for myself and form my own opinions (much to my teachers dismay).

She stayed by me and supported  me when college turned out to be longer and harder than either of us thought.

She’s taken in my friends and given them a place to live. Even when their own families haven’t sometimes.

She’s been a one woman power house for as long as I can remember because it’s been just the two of us for just as long.

She was troop leader, cookie mom, synagogue preschool board member, red hat, crafter, musician, scientist, and many more things that I could say about her.

Here’s to you mom. I love you! And hopefully you’ll get some real birthday cake once Passover is done.

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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 13

Happy April everyone!

I’m not going to call it April Fools because I don’t enjoy it in the least, but I still got a podcast out for you folks!

The one finished object: Hitchhike the Stars V2 knit in A Hundred Ravens Iachos in Starry Night.

The Giveaway thread can be found HERE. Remember, it’s open until April 8!

The April socks now have a project page.

For any Jamberry questions you can either message me or check out the page here on my blog (see the link at the top called Jamberry? Yeah, click that).

Social Media:

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