Serenova Crafts Episode 26: Bad Lighting or Worse Lighting?

Today’s episode is brought to you by thunderstorms, pouring rain, and a chatty cat.

I’m sorry about the lighting but I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do about it due to the weather (see aforementioned thunderstorms). Colors aren’t going to show up that well, but at least you should be able to hear me okay.

I blather on a bit about a book I finished reading and fanfiction, but I have two FOs so that’s something!


WIPs mentioned:
I said I’d link them so here they are, my two fanfiction accounts.
Oh and here’s the book I blathered on about (and the next two in the series – links are Goodreads).

Ravelry Group for podcast.


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Finished but not Blocked: Catkin

It’s done! I bound off this morning. I’d tried to finish it last night but it didn’t really work out. It just go too late for me to bind off. And the bind off took a while.


There it is, unblocked. I’ll block it either when I get home from knit night tonight or over the weekend.

The yarn used was Ella Rae Lace Merino in 35 – Emerald and 19 – Cream. I’m really happy with how it came out even if I’m going to have to block it to really see the design at the bottom edge of the shawl.

What matters is, it’s done! And I can still enter it in a KAL contest on Ravelry and it’s another project out of the queue.

In other news, I’ve gotten super behind on podcast watching this week so hopefully I can catch up over the weekend!


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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 25: Tangents and Bad Audio (Again)

Lesson learned! Camera needs to be in the CENTER of Kevin’s monitor when I use it so that my voice rebounds correctly, not off to the side. I had it offset to try and prevent a shadow on my face and we can tell how well THAT worked!

Anyways, here’s the show notes for today.

In progress projects:

New Yarn:


Facebook Sock Yarn Minis / Swapping group

Mindy’s patterns. She’s the one from my LYS that I mentioned while talking about my quilt block. I’ve done test knits for her.

I also pulled the yarn for my July socks for my Personal Sock Club (PSC) but I haven’t cast on yet so there’s not project page.


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FO: June Socks

They’re done! And there’s over a week left in the month. I’m rather taken with how the sock club is working out for me this year. I’m not sure I’ll do it next year. Maybe an every other year thing? We’ll see how I feel in December (and what’s going on with my stash).

But you probably want to see the finished socks right? Well there they are!


Unfortunately, I lost the near perfect striping on the cuff of the second sock. Late last night as I began the cuff I came to a huge knot in the skein that I’d missed when I wound the ball. I blame watching TV while ball winding for that one. Anyways, I had to cut about a yard out and then overlap the sections to continue on. However that meant that I lost the second stripe of white that was to have followed so the colors ended up not matching on the ribbing though before that they’re nearly row perfect.The white at the top was some random leftovers I pulled from stash that I don’t remember what it is so that I could have cuffs the same length.

Oh well, my dream of perfectly matching stripped socks continues. I do have a couple of pairs I’ve come very close on, but these were set to be perfect and then that knot. Oh well! No one will know they don’t match (unless they read this off course) because the cuff will be hidden under my pants anyways so whatever.

You wanna see what the insides look like? Lots of ends! Granted not as many as a lot of projects, but for socks, it’s a lot.


PS: I’ve decided to go back to my ChiaoGoo needles for July. I’m tired of stabbing myself under my left index fingernail. Yes I’m a thrower and yes I do push the needle with my left index finger, why do you ask?

PPS: I’ve done the cutting for my quilt block, now I just need to do the sewing before 4pm tomorrow.


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Markers Might Help

Yesterday in my podcast I complained about how I was having trouble counting to 2 or 5 or 3 in my Catkin shawl.

Now, normally I use stitch markers very sparingly. Even my Shawl of Doom with it’s super complicated chart, only has 4 stitch markers in it which denote where each border begins/ends. I find they get in my way. But with Catkin? After trying a few more rows without them yesterday, I caved and put stitch marks in between every repeat, every change, anywhere where the pattern said to put them basically (I’d been my usual self and ignoring the “pm” directions).


You can see the markers there. I’m sad to admit that they do help. Though I don’t like the ones I have (I inherited them) so I may go and get some different ones that don’t pop out as easily and aren’t as wide. Most of those are actually split rings so they’re a little thick in places. Hopefully, now that I seem to be able to count, I can get this shawl done soon. It’s been on the needles long enough (yes I’m well aware my Shawl of Doom has been on the needles for 2 1/2 years), and I want to get it done.

The yarn, which is Ella Rae Lace Merino is working out nicely and I’m glad I did the lighter color as the middle section because you’d probably loose the patterning in the darker color. I’m happy that the green and cream are working so well together. Considering I bought them over a year apart, I’m happy with that.

I turned the heel on my June Socks last night while watching The Theory of Everything (that movie about Stephen Hawking). Enjoyed the movie but I did cry a few times during the movie though. Hopefully I can finish those up before the end of the weekend (and then I can work on other things until the end of the month!).


That was them last night right after the movie finished. The stripes are going to mach almost exactly but the heels are different color combos. I’m cool with that.

Lastly, on a completely unrelated to knitting note, I saw a heron earlier this week and managed to snap a few pictures from my car. I spotted it by one of the little streams that runs through my apartment complex.



Not the best shots, but hey, all I had was my phone and getting out of the car would have scared it away very quickly.

PS: Yes I need to work on my quilt blocks. Their due Saturday (as in 2 days). I’m hoping to work it tonight.


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Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 24: Little Bit of Everything

Like it says on the tin, this episode contains a little bit of everything. Though nothing finished. Just a few things that are almost finished, some things that are about halfway finished and others that are only just started.

It’s funny how you notice things like how much you say “um” when you rewatch the video for editing! Anyways onto the links!

Projects mentioned:

I think that’s everything!

If I’ve missed something feel free to comment or ask here or in the Ravelry group. I’d love to hear from you!


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Changing the Goal

So back in May I announced that I was going to finish my (affectionately nicknamed) Shawl of Doom before the end of June.

Well, I decided to get a hold of my self and be practical. While I still have a goal of finishing it in the next couple of months, there is no way it’s going to be done by June 30th. Full stop.

So what am I doing instead? I’m changing my goal.

I dug out my long suffering Catkin (which I started back in January) and have decided to finish it this month.


I tried to take an artsy picture that didn’t involve beige carpet but it didn’t go to well.

That’s it’s current state right now. I’ve put about an inch on it since I decided it was this months goal a few days ago. I’ve completed 13 of the 41 rows in the second chart (of three), so hopefully I can get it done before the end of the month.

The only issue I see is that the third section has three charts that need to be worked simultaneously and I don’t think I’m going to able to use the iPad for that. KnitCompanion only displays one chart at a time so I may just print them out, tape them together and cross them off as I go.

In other news, I now have a bookshelf, which is something I’ve been sorely lacking in the apartment.

Of course, it had to come like this.


I kinda had to rip the box open rather inelegantly due to how much glue was holding it together.

Which I then promptly put together to look like this.


You will notice Kevin’s Gundam figurines on the bookcase next to it and those are Lego pirate ships on top.

I of course, being the book hoarder lover that I am, promptly put the books I have with me at the apartment on it. (I totally have more books than this and they’re living on 4 bookshelves at my moms (nearly full bookshelves…)).


Then, because when I’d gone and bought the bookcase, I also got bins for my yarn, I promptly binned everything (and labelled the tubs with what the weight of yarn is).


Much more organized now! And the skeins aren’t sitting on the wire rack that is the shelves. BTW, that wall is about a foot from our bed. I can touch the DK bin while laying in bed if I stretch (I may have short arms).

Lastly, this is aimed at my fellow WordPress users. I’m getting close to my storage limit on my free account. If you have had the same thing happen, did you buy more space? Go premium? What? Buying more space is probably my cheapest option and since I’m not hosting my videos here (those are on Youtube), it would take me a while to fill up another 10GB. Let me know what you think! I’d love to know other people’s solutions to this conundrum.


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