Hamantashen: Triangular cookies with various fillings made for the holiday of Purim (which is tomorrow).

My mom and I made a whole bunch of these little cookies today, in a variety of flavors (I took the pictures sneakily with my phone while my mom was rolling out the dough).

We started with some Pumpkin (we’re baking the extra and I get to eat it!):

Then Some cinnamon sugar with spices:

Then Apricot:

And Poppy seed:

And finally Chocolate and Cherry:


On a knitting note (since I didn’t get much done today) the scarf is coming along. I may or may not finish it tonight since I have to go to bed early, but it should be finished tomorrow at the latest. I can knit fast when just doing knit and purl.

Oh! And if anyone is interested, the scarf is a simple ribbed pattern. I cast on 50 stitches and then K2, P2, all the way across. If you end on a pearl, start the next row on a knit, if you end on a knit, start the next role with pearl. This can be done with any even number of stitches, or if you’d like to do a 3 or 4 or even 5 stitch wide rib, just do a multiple of how long you want the rib to be. And the nice thing is the scarfs reversible!

The above is about my extent of pattern knowledge, but feel free to make the scarf if you want. It’s not really a patter, just a modification of an existing stitch (and it happens to make a nice scarf!).

ALSO: Check out the full moon tonight! It’s going to be the largest full moon in 19 years!


Comments welcome! :)

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