I Made A Hat!

Yup! I made it!

You would not believe how proud I am of this thing. It’s the first non-scarf/rectangle/square that I’ve ever made! The pattern can be found here.

I’m just so proud of this. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do next, I might make another one for a friend or two as practice since I did make quite a few mistakes and I think it would come out a lot better with a bit more practice.

Maybe another hat, like a different pattern? I’ll have to look and see what’s around.

And so some in progress photo’s:

(Smokey’s ass got in the way of this pic, but what can ya do? He’s a cat.)

After I’ve switched to the larger needles (size 11US) that the pattern requires.

Before sewing the seam to make it a hat instead of a contorted piece of knitted fabric. As you can see, Smokey decided to play with the tail of yarn used to sew said seam. And as you can also see, he’s apparently made himself comfortable in the warm air blowing from my laptop. Gotta give it to a cat to find the warmest spot.

And the completed article is able to be seen in the top of this post.

So, suggestions for my next piece? I definitely need something simple as I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time. I am leaning towards making a hat using a different pattern though. I like hats, maybe something to hold all that hair I have?

Feel free to let me know what you think I should make! Or if you have any suggestions for keeping track of a pattern or anything really.

(Oh and one more thing, yes I am wearing a Gryffindor shirt in that pic.)

Comments welcome! :)

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