Cabled Wristlets

So after Wednesday and finishing the hat, I went looking for another project, while I knitted another hat from the same pattern as practice. I also discovered continental style knitting so I’ve been giving that a try.

Yesterday I remembered that I’d seen a patter from Lion Brand Yarn that was for those small arm warmers, not fingerless gloves because they’re just a tube, but these had a cable design on them.

Since I don’t really have much experience with cables, I figured ‘why not’? and off I went. I downloaded the pattern from here and got to work. Mine are navy, not grey, but whatever.

So here’s the first one partially done

I made a mistake (as you can see) in the pattern on the left hand side of the piece. I was four rows past it when I realized what had happened….. I wasn’t about to rip out 4+ rows of recent knitting so I just left it there.

And here’s one complete!

Two complete!

And finally, seams sewn to create their shape:

The color is off on the last picture because the lighting in my room after dark isn’t the best.

I actually wore these today after I finished them. I babysat for my dad and stepmom and we went to the local roller skating rink. We both used rollerblades though, but close enough. These were quite nice to wear while I was out today.


I’m not quite sure what my next project will be, I’m thinking of trying my hand at socks, but I need a needle gauge (the double pointed needles I got from my grandmother don’t have a size shown on them) and I really need to learn to swatch patterns before I make them to make sure I got the stitches right.

I did come across a pattern based on the hat that Scotty wore when introduced in the new Star Trek movie. I might see if I can make that one, which would be good practice for a variety of skills. No guarantee’s though, I need to find something that strikes my fancy.


Comments welcome! :)

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