Snow In April

If April showers bring May Flowers, what do April Snowstorms bring?

Why am I not surprised we got snow?

There was a whole lot of snow this morning. I was kind of wishing that it was all a big April Fools joke by the meteorologists, but unfortunately it was real. I took the above pic on my way to school today while at a stoplight. The trees were coated. It was pretty bad out there this morning.

It’s raining now, unfortunately, which means that going home after my Calculus class is going to be a pain as well.

As for knitting, I started yet another hat, but this time with a completely different pattern than before. I decided to try something knitted in the round. I’m using double pointed needles instead of the recommended circular’s though because then I didn’t have to go out and buy circulars of the correct size

That’s from a few days ago (if you couldn’t tell by the date on the pic). I’ve done a lot more since then and I’m just about ready to switch to the larger needles.

I have been distracted for a couple of days though because I got my computer back from Geek squad and I’m getting back the way I like it. I’ll probably finish the hat over the weekend. Hopefully it’ll come out alright, I’ve never done something in the round before.


Comments welcome! :)

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