Slouchy Hat

Well, I’ve made another hat:

Yes, that’s my cat Smokey with the hat on him, he’s curled up on my bed right now, I’m not sure whether he’s asleep or not but he sure looks comfortable.

The making of the hat itself went well, I used double pointed needles instead of the circular needle’s the pattern called for, and while they worked fine, I think in the future I’ll be using actual circular needles because I have these lines of stitches that are looser than others from where the needles met.

So here’s some of the “in progress” photo’s I took while working on it.

Soon after cast on:

And then when I switched to the larger needle size required:

(yes that’s two laptops you’re seeing in the picture, as me about my computer problems sometime, you’ll get a novel in reply)

Partway done knitting the larger part:

And then finally, the completed item:

So? What does everyone think? It reminds me (kind of) of the hats Guinan wears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I always liked Guinana for some reason.

Anyways, I need a couple of bobby pins to help hold the hat in place but I don’t mind. It’s large enough actually that I could tuck all my hair in it if I wanted too, which is quite nice, not that it was intended for that, it wasn’t.

I go the pattern from here and it’s very simple and easy to do. If you knit you should check it out. I’m debating making a striped one.

My nerd-dom is going to show here but I think these would look awesome in various Hogwarts house colors (yes you read that right). This one is almost Slytherin green anyways, so why not?


Comments welcome! :)

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