Konnichiwa Socks (In Progress)

(Picture not mine and used without permission)

So I picked up a book called Knitted Socks East and West at Border’s when they were going out of business here in town. I grabbed it on a whim cause it was $5 on sale and I have an interest in knitting socks.

After the socks I just made (my very first ones ever) I decided to take the plunge and start the socks in this book. The first sock is, appropriately, called “Konnichiwa” and eases the reader/knitter/whatever into the use of odd stitches found in Japanese knitting.

Socks overall don’t seem to be nearly as complicated as I thought they would be.

The in progress photo’s are still in progress because I’m still working on the second sock, but here’s what I got so far:

(Starting the heel.)

(First sock complete.)

And the second sock is started:


Comments welcome! :)

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