Quick Update

No pictures today. Sorry folks! I have been working hard on a couple of projects but as they’re the second sock of two different pairs the ‘in progress’ photo’s don’t look all that much different than what’s already up here, and what’s the fun in repeating myself?

Anyways, I’m still working on the Ninja pattern (as a gift) and the Chouwa pattern (for myself), but a little thing called ‘Finals’ got in the way of completing them anytime soon. But, I’ve had a couple of weeks now and things appear to be looking up. Except for the fact that I’m sick as a dog right now and feel like an elephant sat on me (Trust me, it’s not nice).

So no in progress photo’s of anything unfortunately, however I can tell you what I have planned next. And it’s not socks! It’s a shawl! All I need to do is get a set off really long circular needles and a hell of a lot of yarn (preferable something colorful!) and have at it.

I’ll let ya’ll know when there’s more progress to be had!


Comments welcome! :)

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