In Memorium

Pets, and cats specifically have always been a huge part of my life. I have always lived with animals around. It always has come as a shock at the passing of one and just today such a thing happened.

Suki was adopted around the age of 2 or 3 from an adoption agency called “Animal Aid” in the Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida.

(Suki on the bed at my Aunt’s house before I flew home with him.)

He was a skinny boy when I adopted him and flew him home with me to New Hampshire. He got along well with our other cat at the time, Pebbles.

(Suki is on the left here and Pebbles on the right, she was quite patient for a 16 some odd year old cat who had to put up with an upstart young’n taking over her house.)

When Pebbles passed a few years later around the age of 18, we got another cat, Casey, who was also from “Animal Aid” (after that my mother forbade me from bringing cats home from Florida).

(Casey on the left and Suki on the right, watching out our front door.

Casey was an older cat and about a year and a half later he passed due to various health reasons.

Suki, in the meantime had taken an extreme liking to someone else in the house and would happily “sing” along when the guitar was played.

After Casey passed my mother and I realized that Suki was lonely and missed having another cat around to play with and have for company. So that’s when we got Smokey from the local Humane Society.

(And here is Suki, on the left, with Smokey, on the right.)

We still have Smokey now and it was only today that I found out Suki had passed. I am currently not home, being on vacation and was very upset when I got the call earlier today. It will really hit home, well, when I get home in about two weeks and he’s not there waiting by the door. We sometimes joked that Suki (and Smokey as well) were part dog as both of them would be waiting right next to the door when we’d get in.

I drew this picture when we first got Smokey of the two of them.

I know, it’s not the best piece of art out there, but really, Smokey looks like a fluffy version of Suki and it was quite cute.

We would call Suki dummy and things like that simply because of the way he acted. He was forever staring into space and he always seemed to have this blank look on his face like “uh…”. Now, I’m thinking we probably shouldn’t have made fun of him, but how were we to know? According to my mother the vet said that this had happened very quick and that there was nothing they could really do. They could, possibly, have extended his life but what kind of life would that have been? I remember we did something similar with a cat we had when I was little that lived to be 20+. We had to giver her intravenous fluids and special food. It was not fun and I remember how hard it was because the needles hurt. We could have done something like that, but what kind of life would it have been? What kind of existence would he have? With pain and being sick. it wasn’t something I would wish on anyone.

I’m extremely sad to see Suki go and it came as a complete surprise when I got the call today. Who would have thought that a cat that wasn’t even 10 years old could get sick and die so quickly.

I will always remember Suki and I have plenty of pictures of him (of which the few here are only a sample).

But Suki had a good life, or at least it was good when we had him, I make no guarentees about his life before being adopted by us since he was a stray scavenging for food in someone’s backyard for 3 months before we got him.

He never was a cuddler. Oh you could pick him up and he would tolerate it but he never truly enjoyed it. Just like his tail never ever stopped twitching for, I swear, the whole time we had him. There was even what felt like a semi-circle missing from the base of his tale that you could feel when you would run your hand along it. We thought it was because he was in a fight but the vet thought that maybe he was born with that as a defect.

Suki will be sorely missed, by more people than just me and my mom. He was a curious and loving cat who was there for my mom during a very dark time. He offered warmth and understanding and just a presence when he was needed. It bring tears to my eyes to think about how good he was this fall and spring, when he was spending time with my mom when she would come home from her treatment and he started sleeping with her then too.

Suki, rest in peace. Your life was as good as we could make it and thank you for being a part of our lives.


2 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. That was a beautiful tribute to Suki. I forgot how skinny he was when he left here! My how that changed. You gave him a wonderful life for the time you had him. he loved all of you and he knew you all loved him and he was finally secure for many years now. That was a great gift you gave to a cat who needed a home and love (and in Suki’s case lots of food).

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