Projects and More Projects

It’s FINISHED! Yay! I’m so happy. This thing seemed to take forever. I’m very happy that my “Fern Lap Robe” is finished though. It obviously still needs to be blocked. I’m very glad that I checked to see if you can block acrylic yarn (you can, you use steam instead of soaking, pinning and drying).


I think I mentioned in my last post that I’m in Florida for a couple weeks vacation before the semester starts again on September 1. Well, my aunt, who I’m staying with, has a friend who is pregnant and was lamenting that she didn’t know anyone who knit because she would love a hand made blanket for the baby (which is due in January). So I was asked if I would be willing to do a blanket. I said yes and I cast on last night.

That’s the yarn and the pattern book with the blanket pattern. It’s a variegated yarn, which now that I think about it might not have been the best idea, but it’s a nice, acrylic yarn none the less. I chose an acrylic for a very specific reason, it’s easy to throw in the washing machine with anything and have survive without special treatment. This is going to be for a newborn to 2 years old, baby’s are messy.

And here’s the progress after today.

It’s only two repeats but still, it’s progress!

I also have yet another project that I started while working on the first throw. It’s a scarf with a pattern called “Dragon Scale” and it looks really cool.

That’s the current progress on the scarf with about 5 pattern repeats. It actually is going very quickly (it’s only 32 stitches across) and I’m using Cotton Ease by Lion Brand Yarn. It’s very nice and very smooth, I really like it. This is a side project though and it’ll be on hold while I focus on the baby blanket.

One last little thing, I pulled out a crochet hook last night and used some leftover yarn from the “Fern Lap Robe” and made this little face scrubby though I’ll probably use it as a coaster.

And that’s it for now! Lots of new things in the works though I’ll have to slow down when classes start up again!


Comments welcome! :)

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