Baby Blanket Progress

The blanket pattern is actually called “Sunny Cables and Crowns” which comes from “Our Best Knit Baby Afghans (Leisure Arts # 3219)“. Most of the patterns I’ve been using have been free off of Ravelry, but I wanted my aunt to have a say in the pattern since I’m making it to give as a present to a friend of hers and looking at pattern books worked best.

I would love to make some of the other patterns in that book, some of them are really pretty and really nice. Though, since none of my friends are pregnant I don’t really have a reason to make any of them. And since most of my friends are guys, they’re not going to be getting pregnant anytime soon. Though, I am going to be teaching one of my guy friends to knit, he’s been watching me do it all summer and he’s interested in making something. I found a really good beginner scarf pattern that I’m going to have him work through.

Lastly, here’s the 6 1/2 repeats I have done of the baby blanket. The rows are 178 stitches so it takes a while even though a repeat is only 5 rows, it takes a bit to get through them, also, I don’t knit very fast. I probably will increase speed with time, but right now I only go at a moderate pace.

I also took it off the circular needles because I was getting annoyed with them. I’ll probably put it back on them to go home though because I’m going to be getting on a plane and I don’t want them taking my metal needles.


Comments welcome! :)

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