Heading Home (and small vacation summary)

With 8 repeats of the baby blanket finished,

I’ve packed and am getting ready to head home.

Why does it always seem like I can never fit in what I bring? I didn’t get much stuff, I never do really and yet it never all seems to fit as nicely as it did when I left home. As you can see, I’ve packed my finished throw in my suitcase. Since I’m not planning to block it until I get home (and get some blocking pins!), it went in there instead of my carry-on.

The knitting I’m taking on the plane is the baby blanket and a kit I got while down here that had the yarn included, that’s small. I’m hoping the metal needles of the baby blanket don’t cause a problem. If the TSA says anything, I can show them the printout of their own website that says it’s allowed. Hopefully I don’t have any problems (*crosses fingers*).

My two weeks in Florida were nice, they always are, and here’s a few photo’s for your enjoyment from my time in the Sunshine State.

Ahhh! Zombie dogs! Don’t eat me!

His name is Ozzy, isn’t he cute?

This was a 6-foot Blue Heron that landed on the fence in my Aunts back yard, he was huge!

These sharks were so cool!

The ducks had blue feet, don’t know if you can see it here.

This was it for the effects of Hurricane Irene. It missed Florida by 100 miles so all there was, was a bit of rain.

And that’s it for the picture spam. The sharks were really cool, but there was lots of other things at the aquarium, and I spend a lot of time with the dogs, and I even volunteered at “Anamalia” at the Miami Beach Convention Center this past weekend (Aug. 28) which was a lot of fun.


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