For those of you out there that aren’t Potterheads, let me tell you about Pottermore, Pottermore is the latest thing from J.K. Rowling and there was a contest (well more like a trivia game) back from July 31 to Aug 6, where on each of the seven days, there was a clue from one of the Harry Potter books (in order) and if you solved the clue and found the magic quill, you could get a beta account for Pottermore.

I managed to be one of the lucky few, finding the quill on the second day. And yesterday I received my email stating that my account was ready for me to begin Beta Testing. The funny part was, I had just gotten off the plane from Florida and was waiting for my mom to pick me up at the airport. I was out in the waiting area for cars and I began jumping up and down for joy (luggage and all), getting quite a few stares. Ah, the wonders of having a smart phone.

So last night I was enjoying my new access to the Pottermore website and by the time I was about to go to bed, I had gotten to the point where I was going to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclase, Hufflepuff and Slytherin). I ended up doing that this morning when I was awake and to my surprise, I got Hufflepuff. Now there is nothing wrong with the badger’s house, I was just surprised as I always thought of myself as more of a Ravenclaw, but if the official Sorting Hat test says I’m a Hufflepuff, then by golly I am.

On the knitting front, my newly decided house has made me want one of those Harry Potter scarves people are always having, except for me, I wanted it to be my house colors. The Hufflepuff colors are Midnight Black and Canary Yellow, according to J.K. Rowling. So today I went and found some deep black yarn, and some bright yellow yarn and I’m going to knit myself my own house scarf.

And here’s the yarn (I have two of each skein, but I forgot them in the car):

(Yes that’s some baby blanket yarn next to it.)

I started another project today as well, a pair of wrist warmers, that I got as a kit in Florida. They’re knitting up very quickly.

(I had a little bit of a yarn explosion from my yarn ball.)

I like the way these wristies are working up. There’s a little bit of lace work around the cuff but unfortunately you can’t see it real well, but it should be easier to see when it’s finished. This pattern has a separate thumb, so I’m going to learn how to do that (YAY!) so it’ll be fun.

Still working on the baby blanket, did a couple of repeats today, but the baby’s not due until January so I have some time, but I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks and get it mailed to Florida. But since school is starting in the morning I make no guarantees, but I will finish by the end of the month.

I need to get blocking pins though!


2 thoughts on “Interesting

    1. I guess so! But then again, before this, people either guessed, chose what house they liked the best based on the books/movies, or took all the tests online that weren’t created by Rowling herself.

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