Second Chouwa Sock

So, I’ve finally gotten around to making a mate for this thing.

Which has, sadly, been sitting in my room finished since the beginning of May, but without it’s better half (aka the second sock).

I picked up a book on knitting socks two at a time this summer and I may just take it up to keep this from happening again. Because, well, I like having a complete pair of socks and not just a single one hanging around that I can’t do anything with.

So here’s the two of them together, I only have 3 repeats of 8 for the leg pattern completed, it take a bit because the stitches are small. It’s size 1 needles and sock weight yarn, not worsted or sport so the stitches are really small. The pattern is from here, the Ravelry page for it is here and my specific project is here.

And so here’s a few of the in progress photo’s I’ve taken so far of the second sock.

Took me 3 tries to get the cast on right this time, don’t know what was with that.


And that’s what I have so far!


Comments welcome! :)

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