Chouwa Finished

I finished the Chouwa sock from Knitted Socks East and West (here and here and my Ravelry for the project).

So those are finally finished, YAY! That only took 5 months (started end of April (bottom sock in pic above) and finished in September (top sock in pic)).

I’ve been doing some reading about buying used sweaters from thrift stores and such and then frogging them for the yarn. I stopped by the local Salvation Army today and I found 3 sweaters that I’m going to frog (and yes, I made sure they had sewn/crocheted seams instead of surged) and one that I’m probably just going to keep to wear cause I actually like it.

First find is this, it’s actually got some light blue in the white, but you can’t really see it in the picture. It’s very plain but it’s 86% wool and 14% acrylic from the GAP. It seems to have held up well except for one stitch where I’m going to end up with two pieces of yarn from that section, but that’s a small sacrifice for some gorgeous yarn (I’m thinking bulky hat/scarf/maybe mittens set if I get enough yarn out of it).

(and it was only $2.99!)

The second sweater is a multi-red wool that seems to be in good condition. The label says it’s 100% Berber Wool and is dry-clean only. It’s a little scratchy, so it may end up as another sweater or a vest or something. I like the color though. The sweater itself is very plain and without much shape. But like I said, it seems to be in good condition so it’ll be an experiment.

(This one was only $1.95)

The third to-frog-sweater is a size Large men’s sweater. Green, ribbed, thankfully in good condition, and it’s 100% Shetland Wool. For only $3.99! Seriously, unless I have to do a large project, I think it might just be worth the extra effort to reclaim the yarn. We’ll have to see how my frogging goes though!

And finally, the probably-won’t-frog sweater. I know acrylics don’t frog well after they’ve been in sweater for a while, or at least that’s what I’ve read online when I’ve looked up this endeavor. However, I really liked the pattern of the sweater, built in cowl, elbow length sleeves, lace pattern across chest and arms, I could really pass it up and for $2.95, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s also not entirely acrylic, though that’s the majority, it’s 90% acrylic and 10% Alpaca which I thought was really neat.

(See the nice pattern? I like it for some reason.)

Oh and I finished these on Saturday, though I didn’t get a chance to put them in the blog post that night. I love them! I love the shade of purple too. I got the kit from A Sticher’s Haven in Plantation, Florida. Very nice.


Comments welcome! :)

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