Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures for you readers today. With classes having now started back up and having a full schedule, I’m not sure how much knitting during the week I’m going to manage to get done. I’ll still have a good chunk of my weekends, but my Monday and Wednesday posts might get relegated to simple text updates (like this one).

I am, however making progress on my Dragon Scale Scarf along with the Sunny Cables and Crowns baby blanket for a friend of my aunt.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to learn how to knit in the continental style. I was taught to be a thrower (or well, I learned to be one from books) and I think it would be nice to be comfortable with knitting in different ways. In a similar vein, I crochet with both hands so why not have a reversible skill like that for knitting? I think it’ll be more efficiant and then I can really decide which style I like better or if I like them both. But, since I’m used to throwing the yarn, the ‘picking’ of continental sees awkward right now. Hopefully I’ll get used to it.

And hopefully I’ll have pictures to post this weekend!


Comments welcome! :)

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