Not Much

First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for not posting on Saturday and Monday. I was quite sick over the weekend and typing and knitting are both not to be done while under the influence of Nyquil.

In knitting news, I’ve put the baby blanket on hold simply because I have a few other projects I’d like to finish before the weather gets cold and since the baby that is for isn’t due until January so I figure the two scarves I’m working on will take precedence because they’ll be nice to have when it’s cold.

So I’ve been working on the “Dragon Scale Scarf”:

I’ve finished half of the scarf and started on the second half. I’m modifying the pattern a little bit since I like the idea of the “scale’s” switching direction so that both ends go the same way, so I’m knitting the scarf in two halves. I am then going to stitch them together, probably using the kitchener stitch because that works in well with the patter and there ya go. Completed scarf.

After that I’m going to knit myself a Hufflepuff scarf, in the house colors of Black and Bright Yellow. I am then going to knit a friend of my a Slytherin scarf because that is her house. I’m going to have to find a good silver color. I know a good green to use, but not a good silver.

And that’s the update I have for today. I’m hoping to finish the scarf in the next couple of days and get it blocked (after I stitch the halves together) so that I can wear it. My mother has a large collection of quilting pins that I can use to pin it down and it’s a 50% cotton yarn so it should take to wet blocking just fine.


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