Finished Dragon Scale

And there it is. The finished “Dragon Scale Scarf“. It was fun to make, fairly easy, and I ended up modifying the pattern. It originally had the scales going in only one direction, so when you would wear it wrapped around your neck, one end would have the scales pointing down and the other end up. I didn’t really like that, and since I was using two skeins of yarn anyways, I just knit two pieces. Which basically means that I started the scarf twice, knit until they were the same length and then sewed the two pieces together using the kitchener stitch so that it looked like it was knit that way.

I really like how the scarf came out. Not the greatest picture in the world, but you can see the pattern. This is the finished blocked product. I pinned it out using safety pins on the den rug and steamed it because the yarn is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic (Lion Brand Cotton Ease). I think a variegated or colored yarn would have given it a nicer look, but I do think the light grey does suit it in some way.

Besides that, I started my “Hufflepuff Scarf” which is a version of a free pattern I found online. I’m knitting 92 stitches in the round for a super wide scarf. Using “Read Heart Super Saver” in black and bright yellow for the colors and the color bands are 30 rounds each to make them nice and fat. At the rate I’m going to go I’m going to need more yarn to get it as long as I want it to be, but hey, I like it. And when I finish the Hufflepuff scarf I’m going to make a Slytherin one for a friend.

That’s the start of the scarf, as you can see, very wide.


Comments welcome! :)

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