Swatching, Blocking, and Wearing

As you can tell by the title, 3 major knitting milestones have been accomplished!

(In a different order than the title….)

1. Blocking. I actually blocked something! Granted I need to get pins (instead of make-shifting safety pins to work), but I think it worked quite well. I used steam on my “Dragon Scale Scarf” because the yarn was a cotton/acrylic blend and from what I’ve read, using steam is the best option for both fibers. So that’s what I did.

Please ignore the fairly dirty rug.

2. Wearing. I’ve been wearing the above scarf since Saturday when I finished it. I’m quite proud of it.

As you can see, I modified the pattern a bit so that the ‘scales’ were pointing down at either end. I thought it looked better this way.

3. Swatching. Yes, swatching.. I know some newer knitters don’t do it (myself being one of them). I just figured I’d probably get it right so I never bothered. But today I knit a swatch for a pair of mittens I want to knit. Turns out I got the guage right, but I’m actually kinda taken with the little square, so we’ll see what happens to it in the future. The mittens, by the way, are my first time every doing anything like that.

Correct gauge!

In other news: The Hufflepuff scarf is starting to come along quite nicely. I have one band of black and I’m 18/30 rows into the yellow so it’ll be good to get at least one of each stripe out of the way.


2 thoughts on “Swatching, Blocking, and Wearing

  1. Well done for swatching. I only swatch if I’m knitting something that needs to fit. Otherwise I usually just go up a needle size and it feels right. Although I did knit an entire shawl from Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca Silk thinking it was DK weight for a DK pattern. It turned out *tiny* so I guess if I’d swatched I would have saved myself having to rip the whole thing!

    1. This is the first time I’ve swatched. Since I’m going to be making mittens, and I have rather small hands I knew that getting the gauge would be important to the sizing. So, yeah, yay swatching! I haven’t done it for anything else, I use mostly worsted weight so I don’t really end up with things too small.

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