Mitten (Semi) Failure

So, while the mitten looks great:

It doesn’t fit at all, DESPITE the fact that I swatched the yarn….. I’m not too happy about this. It looks great, and I love the pattern for the back of the hand, but damn, do I have long fingers. I might have a small palm, but apparently the author of the pattern has even smaller hands than I.

Which really sucks as I really like this mitten and I want to make a second one, but I also want it to fit. I’m not going to rip this one out (there’s probably someone in the family it would fit properly) but in order to give it to anyone I need to make the right hand. Quite the dilema for me right now. I do love the yarn though (can you believe that ti’s 55% bamboo?), it’s nice and soft, even if it is a little shiny.

In other news, I frogged the first version of my Harry Potter Scarf and Ii’m starting over again a little smaller, because though I like large scarfs, that was coming out way to large.

So here’s the progress so far. It’s only 5 rows and I had school today but I’m hoping to have a few stripes done by my next post.

(And yes, that’s my messy bedroom you see in the background.)


Comments welcome! :)

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