Many WIP’s

First off, sorry about missing Saturday, way to much homework and I got distracted, but I’m posting tonight!

The biggest thing I’ve been working on since last Wednesday was my Hufflepuff scarf. I would love to get it finished before it actually gets cold out (and in time to go to the fair this coming weekend would be awesome) so I’ve been focusing on that.

That’s the first 5 sections of the scarf (there are 19 stripes, starting and ending with black) and you can see the first row of the sixth stripe on the left which I’m almost done now. I got the pattern from “Charmed Knits” I suggest you check it out if you’re a Potter fan.

I’ve also started a project for my cousin’s daughter as a holiday present. It’s going to be my first stranded colorwork piece and I’m kinda nervous about getting it started.

This is the picture from the pattern on Ravelry, it’s called “Little Ladybugs” and I thought it would be wicked appropriate because my cousin and his wife call their daughter ladybug. I’m going to be using pink instead of aqua for the body of the hat though and this is what I have done so far.

I have one other project I’m working on and that is a version of the hat Hermione wears in the Godric’s Hallow graveyard scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the pink hat she wears there. I’m not making it in pink but I found a recreation of the pattern used and I think it looks really cool. The only problem is having do do K3tog’s every other row. Knitting needles are quite hard (even the wood ones) and my fingers are not happy.

As you can see I’m using a rainbow striped yarn (I’m up to orange now) and it looks quite nice. This is definitely going to have to be blocked, but I think it will still look nice, I can’t wait to see how it looks finished, should be awesome.

I do rather wish I could have knit some more over the weekend, but I started 2 new projects and I had a ton of homework to do. Haha, guess that’s what I get for having a major that I love, but that has nothing to do with my hobbies. But anyways, enjoy the knits and hopefully I’ll have an in progress picture of the toddler-hat soon.


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