Halfway Done

First off, a Sh’nah Tovah to all my Jewish readers, here’s to hoping that you have a sweet and happy new year. Rosh Hashanah is also why I didn’t update on Wednesday night, I was celebrating the holiday.

Second off, new Mythbusters this week! I love that show and by love I mean obsessed. I follow the hosts on twitter and I regularly marathon it on Netflix.

Now that that’s out of my system, time for some knitting.

I finished the hat for my cousin’s daughter, and here it is!

I’m quite proud of it, being my first intarsia project and all. AKA this is the first time I have every knit something with more than one color that made a specific pattern (stripes don’t count, this is my first time doing pictures). I really do like it and I hope they like it as well. I also hope it fits, I made the toddler size, and since she’s about 1 1/2 years old  now, so I think it will fit quite nicely.

The other two projects I have currently in the works (I am still working on that baby blanket, but I have some other projects I want to finish before the weather gets cold), my Hufflepuff Year 1-2 scarf and my hat based on the one Hermione wears in Godric’s Hallow.

The first is the scarf, which I’m just a tad over halfway through.

It is just over 3 feet long so I’m thinking it’ll be longer than I am tall when it’s finished.

As for the other project, the hat, as you can see it’s going quite well.

I love the way the yarn is self-striping into the colors. The colorway is really long, so I can actually get about a row out of each color before it starts fading into the next. It’s quite nice. And for those wondering, the colorway is called “Psychedelic” and it’s by Bernat if you’re interested, it’s quite bright and I don’t think the photo does justice to just how bright the colors are in this yarn.

So that’s it for  now! I finished one project, two others currently in the works and a blanket that needs to be finished by the time Christmas rolls around. Oh! And I need to start the Slytherin scarf for my friend, but as the needles I’m going to use for that are currently being use for Hermione’s hat, I’ll start that scarf when the hat is finished.


Comments welcome! :)

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