No More Mittens and Scarf

So, remember this mitten?

Yeah, I started them again in a different yarn and color:

But I’m now giving up on this pattern until many months in the future. I love the design, but the way the pattern is written just sin’t working and I’m getting frustrated so I figured it’d be easier to frog and start over later than put myself though the torture of knitting these again.

So in other words, I’m down to two works in progress until I start something new (which will probably be tomorrow). My Harry Potter style scarf and the Baby Blanket I’m making for a friend of my aunt in Florida.

The first new thing I’m going to start is a Slytherin version of the Harry Potter scarf for a good friend of mine. I’m also thinking that for my next project (for myself) I’m going to start another pair of socks. I got a book about 2-at-a-time socks and I think it would be nice to do that (that way I don’t end up with ‘Second Sock Syndrome’). I really like the pattern so we’ll have to see if I start that one or another project. We’ll see how things go.


Comments welcome! :)

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