Hufflepuff Pride

I finished the scarf!

I am quite please with it. It’s actually very very massive, and it’s wicked wide, but considering how cold New England winters can get? I’m not complaining in the least about it. I’m quite proud of myself for knitting this. I didn’t fall the patter exactly, I used size 10 needles instead of size 8, which contributed to the width of the scarf though I think it’s great.

As you can see, it’s in black and yellow, the colors of the Hufflepuff House in Harry Potter. I chose those colors, because, as I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, I got into the Pottermore Beta and was sorted into Hufflepuff, so I made a scarf to show my house pride.

I also cast on this week, a Slytherin version of the same scarf for a good friend of mine. I have made some progress so far, and it’ll probably go quicker than my Hufflepuff scarf simply because I’ve a) cast on less stitches (making the smaller version of the scarf) and b) I’m using the correct size knitting needles.

The other project that I”m working on and hoping to complete in the next couple of days is a pair of warm/wrist/hand warmers (they come above my elbow so I’m not sure quite what to call them). The patter is called Fire & Ice which is named for the Robert Frost poem of the same name and I just love the cabling patter on them.

(You can see the cable pattern better in the second picture.)

Like I said, they’re long, but I just love them. and I think I’m finally getting the hang of thumb gussets which were giving me hell the last time I did them.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I’ve done a few crochet projects this past week. Just small stuff, like a potholder and I was too lazy to take pics. I’ll get around to them eventually though.

I hope everyone enjoyed their week and happy knitting!


Comments welcome! :)

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