Finished Arm Warmers

I finished them!

I’m quite proud of these! I really do like them. I’m probably going to wear them constantly for the next few days until the novelty wears off, either that or I’ll be wearing them until spring. As you can see from the pictures they go just past my elbows (and yes my arm really bends that way, it’s not broken). I asked my mom to take the pcitures of the pair of them because, well, I don’t have a tripod.

On another note, I wore my Hufflepuff scarf to campus today and someone thought it was a Boston Bruins scarf. While I was glad it got some notice, I hadn’t realized until then that the Hufflepuff colors of black and yellow are very close to the Bruins colors of black and gold. So I can understand how that person could be mistaken. I didn’t have the time to correct them, but I’m still going to wear my scarf with all the house pride it deserves.

Speaking of Hogwarts houses, I have 3 1/2 bands of color finished for my friends Slytherin House scarf and it’s coming along quickly.

(Following picture taken earlier today, so there is more progress than in the photo, there’s another band of silver in the works.)

I’m hoping to have this one finished and mailed so that she can have it by Halloween (which btw, is a holiday I love, I am SO wearing something kinda crazy to campus that day).


Comments welcome! :)

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