October Nor’Easter

Yes that is spelled right. It’s a Nor’Easter to those of us from New England. We got our own way of talkin’ up here. A water fountain is a bubbler and things are wicked good, or if they’re really good, they’re ‘wicked pissah’.

And there is a difference between a Nor’Easter and a Blizzard. A Blizzard is just snow, a Nor’Easter is snow, sleet, rain, whatever all mixed together and is worse than a Blizzard to those of us in New England.

I did lose power in the storm, which is why I missed both my Saturday (not power) post and my Monday (no internet) post. So here we are. We lost power Saturday and got it back late Sunday night. But we didn’t get our cable or internet back until late last night/early this morning.

Friday morning I woke up to this:

And my car doors (the red car, it’s a Toyota) were frozen shut and I had to have my mother drive me to school in her car (the goldy/brown one) and then pick me up when I was on campus for the day. The snow is misleading, there’s an inch of ice underneath it, thanks to the prequel to the Nor’Easter.

I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures over the weekend, well, at least of the snow. Basically, I was too focused on staying warm and getting dug out to take pictures. Half of the tree across the way came down and blocked a good portion of our street until a neighbor came around and used their Dodge to pull it out of the way.

On the knitting front, I got a lot done without the power. The Baby blanket now has one full skein of yarn knitted into it,

And I have knitted a few rows of the second skein.

I also started a pair of Hufflepuff mittens because my friend Stephanie wanted to learn how to make them and it was easiest to show her what to do than try to explain it. And since I didn’t want to use her knitting (how else would she learn?) I decided to make my own.

So here’s the first one (san’s thumb) that I finished last night, after starting it on Sunday (it’s kinda hard to knit without light so it took longer than I really wanted).

I also used a different finger decrease than in the book (Charmed Knits) because the one in the book was failing me miserably and was way to short for my fingers (by a good half inch!). So instead, I did a toe decrease from a pair of socks I made and it worked much better and my fingers aren’t cramped and I won’t stretch out the mitten.

The yarn by the way is Red Heart Acrylic. That’s what I use the most. I know a lot of knitters like using natural fibers, but I’m a college student on a tight budget. Going to a full on yarn store and buying expensive good quality yarn is way out of my budget, so it’s $3/350yard skeins of acrylic from A.C.Moore and Jo-Anne’s for me (until I get a bigger yarn budget!).

It’s funny, my mother always comments that I’m nothing like my peers and this storm proved her right. Most people my age (early 20’s and late teens) would go nuts without electricity or the internet. I simply shrugged my shoulders turned on the (battery powered) radio and knit. I’m also the kind of girl that loves the feel of a paper book in her hands and a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate to go with it.

So that was my weekend! Anyone else affected by the storm? Or know people who was?


Comments welcome! :)

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