Thinking Ahead

So, for the first time ever I’m going to knit two family members presents for the coming holiday’s. I found a pattern with a great meaning and I think it would be very appropriate. I also finally made it to the Hub Mills store in Lowell. I had no idea they would be moving to North Billerica, I’ll definitely have to go check them out after they open back up on the 22nd of this month. It should be good!

There aren’t really any pictures for this power unfortunately. I’m sorry, I know you folks that read it probably enjoy the picutres. I like taking them. Just, I haven’t knit anything that really looks any different since Monday.

Don’t worry, I’ve still been knitting just, nothing’s really grown enough to see a size difference so it’s not really worth it to take another picture when it would look similar to another one already up.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about is the process vs. product knitter and what that really means. A process knitter is all about the knitting itself, the patterns, the novel stitches, the simple act of knitting itself is what they live for. Then there’s the knitters that like having the finished product in front of them. Process knitters tend to give away stuff and product knitters tend to keep some stuff.

So far, I’ve only given away two pairs of socks to a very good friend, and by request form the first friend, a pair for one of their other friends that I didn’t really know. That’s about all the gift knitting I’ve done. But I figure, I’ll stick with something small this time (310 yards max for the pattern I’m using) and not tackle anything like a gift sweater for a little while more.


In other news, National Novel Writing Month isn’t going quite as well as I had hoped it would be at this time, but as today is “unexpected subplot wednesday” anything can still happen.

My characters, in a way, have already run away with me. My female main character (FMC) is named Minerva Woodham, and up until now everyone, including me, the author, has been refering to her as Minnie. All of a sudden she refuses to go by that name and I have to type Minerva every time I want to say her name. Not that I mind the name Minerva, I just don’t want to think to much about Prof McGonnogall 😉


That about wraps it up for this post.


… Oh, and no, I’m not going to tell you what I”m doing with the mass of blue from the last post until I know that I”m actually going to get there or nor, or just lie it sit there with 7 rows on the needles.


Comments welcome! :)

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