Odds ‘n Ends

Sometimes I wonder what to title a blog entry. I wonder if it’s actually okay to call more than one entry the same thing, but then of course, the actual web address might get a little confusing.

I did learn a valuable lesson this past week: Don’t blog while exhausted. Which I really should have listened to, because as I sit (read lay) here, I’m very tired, but I’m at least more coherent than I was on Wednesday night.

On the knitting front, I gave up and frogged the sample socks I was knitting. I know how to make socks, and the sample socks turned into the “never growing” project, where I’d knit and knit and it didn’t really go nearly as far as I thought it was going.

So I’ve been, instead, working on the newborn baby cap I started knitting for my cousin and his wife (they were married over the summer). I’m also, thinking, rather insanely i think, to knit a toddler size sweater for my other cousin’s soon to be two year old daughter. If you couldn’t tell, I’m the baby on that side of my family and I turn 24 on Tuesday (Nov 15 is my birthday).

So here’s a picture of the in progress cap:

I also started another scarf that is going to be a present. It is going quite well and I’m already 3 1/2 of the 20 pattern repeats I need to do to complete the scarf.

Here’s what the first few parts look like:

That’s with one pattern repeat. See the diamonds? Yeah, I ripped out and restarted it 3 times before I managed to figure those out. Fun times! Not…

It was actually quite frustrating to get that going and I wish it had gone smoother. I had started with the original cast on number of stitches, but it just seemed way to narrow, so I doubled the pattern repeats (from 2 to 4) and it’s much nicer now. I’m using some leftover yarn I have but it’s nice and soft so it’ll be a good scarf when it’s done. I really do like the pattern. I’m hoping to have it finished quickly and give it as a present to someone who I think would greatly enjoy it. I”m not gonna say who cause I won’t want to commit to giving it as a present but it’s a distinct possibility, and if I do give it to them I hope they like it.

The baby blanket is also moving along smoothly but not new pictures of that I’m afraid.

Which reminds me, my friend, for who I knit the Slytherin scarf in October has yet to send me pictures of her wearing the scarf. 😦 I want to see how she looks in it! I hope she looks good.


Comments welcome! :)

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