50k – 2011

Since I can’t think of a better title for tonight’s blog, I’m just running with that.

My aunt told me the date of the baby shower for her friend that the baby blanket is for. It’s Dec 7, so instead of going crazy trying to knit a whole skein of yarn in like 3 days on this pattern (which I really couldn’t do) I’m instead going to knit only a few more repeats of the pattern to make the square really square, do the border, block it (which means steam blocking since it’s acrylic) and then mailing it. It’s going to take a few days to mail to Florida so I want to get it mailed by the weekend so that it gets there in time.

In other news I reached 50k in my novel today, which means I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month! The total count, as of this evening was actually 50, 503 words total. I already know that probably somewhere between 10 and 15k of that is complete and total crap that has nothing to do with the story, but that still leaves me with 35k worth of (semi)usable first draft! Pretty cool, right?

Knitting wise, the big blue blob that I started a few weeks has been frogged, the yarn is cotton and the pattern just wasn’t working with it, so nothing much there. I frogged one shawl patter I had started in favor of another one because none, and I mean none of the pattern repeats came out to the correct number of stitches and I was getting very frustrated with it, so the yarn was un-knit, balled up, and I started a different patter with it, a much nicer, and cooperative pattern.

I also started the “Hemlock Ring Throw” in Lion Brand Yarn “Fisherman’s Wool” which is a nice 100% wool (do you know I keep typing wool as woll tonight?) that I really like. That patter is based off of a doiley pattern, but it looks wicked nice as a throw/blanket and I’m already through a good chunk of it, it’s working up quite quickly.

I’m afraid the only pictures I have are of the throw, but I think you’ll like them.

Comments welcome! :)

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