FO – Sunny Cables and Crowns

It’s finished! And by finished I mean cast off and blocked!

It’s going in the mail to Florida tomorrow, which means it should be there by the 5th which should be plenty of time for the shower on the 7th (I hope). I wish the patter repeats were a bit wider, but it’ll be a good size for a stroller blanket or something like that, it’s not really a full-size “wrap the baby multiple times in this” kind of project. I just need to weave in the ends before I sent it out tomorrow.

Smokey was very interested in the blocking wires.

And had quite the time with the other end of the blocking wire while I was threading it through the edge of the blanket.


Blocking process:

Gather materials:

Pin everything out:

With some help from Smokey.

Drying after steaming (it was acrylic yarn):

And Smokey enjoying the sun in the den.

And that’s that! I haven’t been working on too much else this week because I’ve been focusing on the blanket, but I’ll be posting other projects fairly soon (some are already on the needles). I’m going to be starting another blanket soon enough for another birth (this one a bit closer related) but I have about three months to knit that, so I should do alright time wise.


Comments welcome! :)

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