Odd December

Even though it’s only the 5th day of the month, it’s certainly been an interesting time. The temperature is well above normal (as of this writing, it’s still above 50 after 10pm), and there’s no snow on the ground.

I always joke that it’s not allowed to snow before my birthday (which is the middle of November) because it’s winter when there’s snow. Well, this year, as I’ve mentioned, we had an October Nor’Easter which is most unusual. The weather this year has just been weird and to have snow before November even started and then have it all melt and still not have snow in December is just a little on the strange side.

The fog this morning looked cool though. I always think that it does, or maybe it’s just me.

I always think it’s cool to see buildings and structures emerge out of the shadows that is only penetrated by a fraction of the morning light. Also, I take an equal fascination with the fact that, thanks to fog, I can actually look directly at the Sun without going blind. To me it’s all this novel thing and it should happen more often.

On the knitting front things are going well. Benden Weyr is growing, but not as quickly as it had been. I had been knitting it on DPN’s but then I switched to a large circular of the same needle size (6). But now, it’s almost to big for magic loop but not quite big enough to go full in the round with. It’s an interesting conundrum I’m in here.

There’s not much else process I can show, everything’s in that “growing, but not visibly” stage that knitting goes through when it’s getting large, but you can’t quite see the progress anymore. Maybe it’s because I hold things too tight and too close to really see the whole, I dont’ know the cause but i know that that’s what it is, that for some reason when things get to a certain point, to me, the progression is no longer noticeable.

Everything else is going along well, but the pictures wouldn’t look much different than plenty of other’s I’ve already got posted.

Anyways, everyone, enjoy yourself, and happy knitting!


Comments welcome! :)

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