Hemlock Progress

I’ve made some progress on the Hemlock Ring blanket.

Beyond that I still have my present’s that I’m working on. And I’m not gonna post those until they’re finished and given out (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone 😉 ).

However, I have made some progress on Meava (even if I don’t have pictures of the sock). And I’ve made progress on Benden Weyr which is moving along smoothly.

This is as far as I’d gotten on Wednesday:

It’s folded in half there, in such a way that I hope you can see the pattern. It’s still in that weird phase where it’s not quite big enough for truly working on it in the round, and it’s much to large to use magic loop… It’ll get bigger soon enough, it’s just a rather frustrating point right now.

Hemlock is moving along smoothly (probably because it’s the simplest pattern I’m working on) and I’m hoping to both finish and start new projects within the next few weeks.

I’ve also signed myself up for a Knit-A-Long, starting January 1st. It’s for a pair of socks. Basically, if you’re not familiar with the concept, a bunch of people agree to all knit the same pattern (or in this case, socks) all at the same time and encourage each other to work on their projects. I’ve chosen a very nice pair of socks and I’m thinking about what yarn I want to use. I have some sock yarn at home but I’m thinking of picking up some Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Grape Soda. If I don’t go with that it’ll be Knit Picks – Palette Yarn in Semolina. I like both, but I have to decide if I want purple socks or yellow socks. The Palette yarn is actually the cheaper option (even with ordering it online!) so I may just go with that one. I’m not quite sold on the Semolina color, so I might end up with a different one, we’ll see!

PS: If you have a color opinion on Palette, feel free to tell me! The only color I really avoid is pink.


Comments welcome! :)

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