Béret Généreux

No, I’m not learning French. It’s the name of a pattern I thought would be a nice quick knit. And it’s been quick so far. 3 days and over halfway done, and that’s with working on the baby blanket as well.

The beret is actually a stranded color-work pattern that forms a star at the top once it’s done. It’s technically an intarsia pattern, similar to in concept to the ladybug hat I made back in October. This one however, is a much more complicated pattern, but I enjoy a challenge. I seem to be always looking for a challenge in my knitting right now, and this is good one.

So, here’s the current in progress photo’s then! The yarn is made by Bartlettyarns, Inc. in Harmony, Maine. It’s their “Fisherman’s 2-ply” in ‘Natural’ and ‘Cornflower’. Cornflower is a really nice blue and the natural is almost white, but it’s mostly beige.

Anyways, picture time!

Before I wound up the yarn.

Casting on.

Done the brim!

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the pattern tonight.

And finally, me wearing the in-progress work.

Lastly, here’s the progress on the baby blanket so far. It doesn’t look like much but it’s in that weird phase where it doesn’t look like it’s growing, but it is. I’ve found that the middle parts of blankets do that and I’m coming up to the middle.

Also, I changed patterns on the blanket. I ended up getting annoyed with the one I had been doing and I gave up, frogged it, and started it again, this time it’s a sampler type blanket where I use different combinations of knit and purl stitches to create texture. It might not be working well with the variegated yarn I’m using, but I think it’ll be good once it’s done.

I don’t have any new pictures of the Viking Socks but I’ve done a few rows done on those as well (the due date for the KAL is Feb 29 so I have plenty of time to finish them). On the KAL note, I’m thinking of adding Meave to finish before the end of Feb., it’s been on my needles since November and I kinda want to get them finished.

Anyways, enjoy your holiday weekend (if you’re in the US)!


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