Family Ties

I’m going to apologize in advance of the lack of knitting and photographs in this post.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple previous posts, I’m in Florida at the moment (the weather is quite different from home right now). Being in Florida, for me, means visiting family. I have A great-aunt on my grandfather’s side and another great-aunt and great-uncle on my grandmother’s side (this is all my father’s side of the family). I usually stay with my aunt (my father’s older sister) while I’m down here.

So, instead of knitting the past two days (and talking about the newest finished object – that beret), I’m instead going to reflect a little on family history.

That is my great Aunt Roslyn, her two sons, Raymond (back, left) and Lloyd (back, right) and myself (sitting on the arm of the couch) in my great aunt’s home. It was a great visit even though what we were doing was kind of sad. We, unfortunately, had to begin the process of cleaning out her house. She had a heart attack a month ago, and though she is recovering, at 90 (nearly 91! Her birthday is Jan 23) you can’t bounce back like you used to. The doctors give her a year, at most.

Though, I will admit, we had a grand old time, looking at photographs, talking about family. I even tried on a few of the old hats around!

But always in the back of my mind was the fact that none of us (including me!) are getting any younger and soon, there won’t be anyone else around who knows the stories anymore.

I’ve decided to make it my endeavor to document and record as much of it as I can. I know that them living in Florida, and myself being in the North East doesn’t help, but my great-uncle is good with computers and I asked his wife, my grandmother’s sister, to write down as much of everything she can remember as she can and have him send it to me. Along with any photographs they might have that my aunt doesn’t. I’m also scanning a few of her albums before I go home so that I have a copy of the photo’s, because they’ll go to her children when she passes away.

I actually never knew my father’s father, he passed away nearly seven years before I was born, but I feel like I know him, just a little bit, from the stories I’ve heard over the years. That he was a physicist (my dream goal for myself until just a short time ago), that he worked for NASA (Google Sumner Stern – some of his research papers into the effects of radiation are on the internet now, but you have to dig a little). Overall, he seemed like an interesting person. It’s a shame that I never got to know him.

This is him, with his older sister Roslyn when he was young (very young, he was probably 3 or 4 years old).

Genealogy is a hobby of mine, I always love knowing about family history, and I’m taking advantage of what I have now to do as much research as I can.

So that was my weekend. Not a lot of knitting I must say (though I did get to see a knitted blanket my aunt Roslyn made) but in my mind it was still productive and very much worth it.


Comments welcome! :)

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