FO: Baby Blanket 2

It’s done! It’s done! And it’s been delivered too (the blanket, not the baby, still waiting on him!).

And there’s the finished project on the blocking wires (yes those are my feet on the right). It’s a simple textured pattern which didn’t show up too well with the variegated yarn, but they loved it, and I was okay with the result.

The reason I’m only okay with the result is that the ends ended up being two different widths because I bound off too tightly on the cast-off edge. Lesson learned there, and hopefully I don’t do it again. I think part of it comes from doing a very simple cast on that stretched a lot and I always have a tendency to bind off tightly. Almost as if I’m afraid it will come undone if I don’t. Of course, I know it won’t, but it’s a little irrational thing I guess. But like I said, lesson learned so next time I know better.

However, I will notย be making another baby blanket anytime soon. I’m kinda burnt out on them. Finishing two in as many months has kinda turned me off of baby blankets anytime soon. So none of my friends better have kids in the next 6 months!

But on another note, I get to work on my KAL project again. The Viking Socks are moving along nicely and I’m planning to start doing the toe decreases in the morning (I’m not about to start counting stitch decreases when I’m tired, I know from experience it’s not worth it).

Please excuse my slightly odd toes, I’m odd like that. The cables look awesome and I can’t wait to have a finished sock and start the second one as well! These will be a great pair. Even though there’s heavy cabling on the front of the sock, I have big feet and the yarn is fingering-weight so it stretches out and would fit in ย my sneakers (not that I would do that to these socks, they’re gonna be too nice!).

I’m also hoping to finish my Meava socks before the end of February. We’ll see how it goes. My goal is to get them done, at the latestย the end of March. But I’m being optimistic and saying they’ll be done Feb. 29.

Comments welcome! :)

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