Slowed Down

Yeah, I haven’t been knitting as much. But now that it’s the third week of the semester the work is really piling on.

Don’t worry, I am still knitting. I started the other sock for the KAL and I’ve made it through one and a half repeats of the front cable (I need three before I turn the heel). And I started a cowl.

I’m calling the cowl the “Hufflepuff Cowl” the pattern is, in reality, the Kumara Bifurcate Cowl, and I love it so far.

This is my current progress:

I think it’s going quite well, don’t you? There’s three twists where the colors come together, so I’m a little bit over halfway there. It will be a little bigger when I’ve blocked it, and I’m hoping it will be nice and loose around my neck because I don’t like things super tight around my neck.

Of course, I didn’t have to use Hufflepuff colors, but why not show some house pride? And I actually do genuinely like the combination of black and yellow when I’m not reminded of bees.

I’m hoping to finish the cowl this week (while it’s still cold!) and then buckle down on the sock and get the KAL done by the deadline of the end of February.


Comments welcome! :)

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