Leap Year!

I couldn’t resist posting today! How many times do I get to write a blog entry dated February 29? Not that often that’s for sure!

Admittedly…. I haven’t done very good with the ‘not starting another project’ thing. Because on Sunday I cast on for a Wingspan of my own (Rav link). I’m using a ball I have of Lion Brand Sock-Ease in the Taffy colorway for it. The ball didn’t seem to want to become a pair of socks so it’s becoming a scarf instead. Yes, I have conversations with my yarn… no I’m not crazy.

Cast on

First triangle done.

Second triangle done (and you can see my newest toy, and Asus Eee Pad Slider underneath it – the tablet is awesome btw – and the tablet was a gift.)

And of probably 20 minutes ago, the third triangle, nearly done.

I really like this pattern, it’s easy to memorize, it’s fun to knit, and just a bit of a challenge because I’ve never really done short rows or cast on more stitches for a working piece before. Two new skills on one scarf! Talk about two birds with one stone.

Though, honestly, this thing is just fun to knit, and completely portable. Because, unfortunately, the socks I’m working on require a cable chart, and the other two WIPs I have are much to large to carry in my backpack. This one is great though, I love it. I’m thinking about making a second one, out of worsted weight cotton, for a friend. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


Comments welcome! :)

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