What a week…

Have you ever had one of those weeks where your world is irrevocably changed? Yeah. This was one of those weeks.

I have been knitting this past week and a half since leap day. But on Monday I found out my aunt had passed and so the knitting came in fits and spurts, combined with a case of starteritis which I’ve managed to keep down to two projects.

My aunt passing was the greatest shock of the week. We had no idea she was ill and it happened incredibly quickly. It’s still a shock to the whole family, and though the funeral was today, it’s debatable whether any of us have really processed it or now.


On the knitting front, I’ve made some progress on “Wingspan”

But not as much as I would have liked. It’s chugging along though, and it’s such a simple patter I had it memories after a few rows.

I cast on another project, a Slytherin Scarf for a friend who’s been waiting two months, and even though the weather is starting to warm up, I figured she still deserved the scarf, so I cast on.


6 thoughts on “What a week…

    1. Thank you.

      And I like wingspan, I might end up buying another ball of the same yarn to make it bigger than it would be with just one.

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