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I learned to spin over the weekend! I am beyond thrilled. I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now and I was lucky enough to find someone who will give me a lesson. I ordered a drop spindle and purchased some fiber from my teacher and off I went to Manchester on Saturday to learn.

The spindle is wonderful, it came from this shop on Etsy, and was shipped with two ounces of fiber.

My teacher has wonderful Etsy and Artfire shops. The fiber I purchased from her was Superwash Merino in her ‘Flame Out’ colorway. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to give it a try. I just need a scale to split the weight of it evenly. 😛


Flame Out colorway
(Isn’t it pretty?)

She taught me the ‘park and draft’ method where you spin the spindle until it nearly stops, then park it between your knees and draft up the roving in your hands until you run out of spin and repeat. I think it’s a fairly efficient method but I would love to learn how to do it continuously with the spindle always spinning.

‘Park and draft’ is working out quite well for me right now as you can see:

The yellow on the left is what I made with my teacher on Saturday. The grey is what I tried on my own that night and the yellow on the right was one I started on Sunday. You can already see the improvement. It’s still lumpy and bumpy but it’s slowly getting better. I had received some yellow wool as part of my lesson and that’s what is on the spindle. I’m still using that (I was given a fair amount) and I’m hoping to be able to ply what’s on the spindle in the above picture (which has since been taken off) with another single I started on Monday morning. Then I’ll have my first yarn! I’m so excited. I can barely put the stuff down. Don’t worry, I’m still keeping up with my school-work, but it’s so tempting….. 🙂


I don’t really have in progress pictures of anything, but I’m trying to focus on Meava again in order to finish those socks. Can you believe those have been on my needles since November? I hope the rest of my projects don’t take THAT long. I don’t think I like it, but the Slytherin scarf is on it’s fourth stripe at least.

One thought on “Spinning!

  1. Very cool! I love the idea of spinning but I am resisting new hobbies that require practice (or for that matter- *time*)! But I love to look at the pictures. 🙂

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