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Still Alive!

Portal reference unintentional in title….

I just realized that it’s been a while since I posted. Unfortunately with school, things are a little crazy. I think I’m going to go to a Sun, Wed, Fri schedule with added posts in between. I seem to do better when I have reminders more than once a week to write.

So! An update!

I plied the yellow yarn I had been working on last time. I got about 60 yards of a fairly heavy two-ply and I’mΒ extremely proud of it.

Also started spinning this (Superwash Merino in the colorway ‘Flame-Out’):

Into this:

It’s gotten bigger since I took this pic. I need to take another one….

I’ve also been working on this:

which is a hat based on the pattern called Guinan off of Ravelry (and yes, the hat is named after a ST:TNG character).

And this:

It’s a lace scarf from the book “Knitted Lace of Estonia” and the pattern is very simple and I like it. It’s fun.

OH! And I got to go to the “Mythbusters Behind the Myths” tour on Saturday night. It was awesome! πŸ˜€


This one was taken by Adam Savage from stage of the audience. You unfortunately can’t see where I am because I’m behind the light in the center of the picture 😦


4 thoughts on “Still Alive!

    1. I’m getting there! It’s definitely work, but it’s something I’m finding I like doing (when I don’t have a mountain of homework of course).

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