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Finals, Socks, Shawls, etc.

Well, I have one more final on Wednesday morning at 8am. For psychology. Fun…

Anywho, I have been doing a little bit of knititng, but with finals, I’ve been swamped. I’ll finally have some time to get some knitting (and spinning!) done in the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll even update regularly again! What a novel idea!

The biggest thing is that I finished the first sock for Meava! Yay! I cast this thing on in November. Yes, the very sock in that picture. November. I know…. way to long for a sock. I should take less time for the second one. Especially now that I’ve worked through the pattern once. I did make a mistake as I was coming to the end of the chart for the instep, but it was fixed easily enough with a couple of strategic decreases to replace the one’s I should have done in an earlier row. Oops.

And there it is. One finished sock.

I’ve pulled out my Benden Hold shawl to get back to work on that, I’m only about 35 rows from finishing, however, as the shawl is worked from the center outwards it’s a rather long 35 rows. I’m so close to finishing! I cast that thing on last year for crying out loud (also in November, ironically. I would love to finish it. It’s a great pattern and would be awesome to get done.

In other news, I blocked the Raha scarf!

It’s great how the lace really spread out when I blocked it. I was a little iffy about the colors, but I think it looks nice. The middle picture is kitty free simply because I shut the door. Which of course led him to complain. Loudly. He’ll live though.

In other news, my grandmother has some beautiful Iris’ blooming at her house.

And because I feel like this is to short to make up for the past of posting… here’s a picture of smokey:

Comments welcome! :)

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