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Finished Benden

It’s finished! The yellow monstrosity (as I started calling it over the weekend) is bound off! Now it just needs to be blocked. Which is an undertaking in itself as it involves dragging the clothes steamer out since it’s an acrylic yarn (Caron Simply Soft).

The last few rows of this seemed to take forever at nearly an hour of knitting time per row due to their extreme length (over 500 stitches!). The needle I was using wasn’t helping either. I had bought a set of 0-15 40″ circulars off of Amazon and if you use them for magic loop they’re fine, but using them for something that actually took the whole needle was pure frustration. Why? Because the connecting ‘wire’ was a plastic tube and acrylic (or wool for that matter) does not slide on plastic tubes real easily. Plastic needles, yes, I have absolutely nothing against using plastic needles. But the the weird tube thing? Yeah, no, not happening, never doing that again. I’ll invest in a set of proper 40″ for that next time I tackle something of that size.

As for the other projects I have going on, no real pictures for you unfortunately but Meave is coming along nicely (I just need to find my cable needle so I can start on the chart for the instep). I’ve picked up “Hogwarts or Helms Deep” again and that’s going swimmingly. The Slytherin scarf for my friend is at 8 color bands and the “Knupps and Crosses” scarf is nearing the end of the first repeat of the central scarf pattern (of which I have to do 16 repeats).

All in all, everything’s going along great. I’m also enjoying my job at the front desk of the campus library. It turns out my boss is a knitter as well and we’re having a great time chatting about this and that and what we like to knit or not knit.


Lastly, since I have more free time over the summer I’m going to try and update this blog on a MWF schedule again and see where it gets me. Starting today.


Comments welcome! :)

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