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Hello June!

My my, it’s already June. Hard to believe. It’s been a weird winter/spring so far for 2012 and the weather only seems to be staying that way.

Anyways, onto the knitting!

I took a picture of “Hogwarts or Helms Deep?”:

I have two more repeats of that pattern to go (which I have modified by the way) and then the central lace pattern and then knitting the other end seperately and grafting it on so that everything faces the proper way. Should look good when I’m finished.

Also: I’ve finished the first of the 16 center repeats on the “Knupps and Crosses scarf”:

You unfortunately can’t see it real well there, t’s going to need blocking to really see the pattern I think.

The one bad thing about all lace or complicated projects is that when I feel like crap (which is today due to a head cold) I can’t really work on anything because they all need me to read a pattern. The only thing I could work on is the Slytherin scarf for my friend, however, I didn’t bring that with me so I can’t work on it. Smooth right?

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I hope to have another post for you on monday.

Oh! Before I forget I think I mentioned I signed up for a knit-a-long. Well, I got the yarn for it, and I did a swatch of the lace to see if I liked it and I love it. It’s a 90/10 Merino/Nylon sock yarn but it’s soft and squishy and I think it’ll be great for the shawl.


Comments welcome! :)

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