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Well, it’s the middle of the week, it’s 61 degrees F outside (way to cold for June), it’s overcast and my knees hurt. Quite a Wednesday! Now, onto knitting!

I’ve made some progress on Meave and the toe is slowly growing but I still need to find my cable needle (I’ve never gotten the hang of cabling without a cable needle) in order to keep going.

The second repeat of the center chart of the “Knupps and Crosses Scarf” is finished:

There is also progress on the “Crown Prince Square Shawl”:

Even though the 100% cotton yarn is difficult to work with because a) it’s technically crochet thread and b) cotton has no stretch; and so even though the knupps are showing up really nicely in the fabric, it’s a little hard on the hands because it’s rough. I hope that when it’s washed and blocked it’ll be softer.

“Helms Deep or Hogwarts” is moving along.

And I think that’s everything I have in progress right now. I’m eagerly awaiting the 20th of this month where the first part of the KAL pattern will be posted and I can get started on that, but for now I’m really working on my lace projects which are fun but slow going due to the fact that they’re… y’know… lace.


Comments welcome! :)

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