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Weasley Sweater

The Weasley Sweater. Knit by Molly Weasley for all of her children – and Harry – every year for Christmas. It’s a classic Harry Potter knit and I cast on for my own version today.

And some other versions:

(All images copyright WBStudios and JKRowling)

My version is a slightly brighter color. I’m using two skeins of Caron One Pound in the “Ocean” colorway. The initial is going to be a J of course and it’s going to be in Caron Simply Soft in white. I’m also going to be doing the initial as intarsia instead of double stitch because intarsia is how Molly does it and by golly that’s how I’m going to do it.


So far I have 7 1/2″ of the back panel done. It’s actually a rather simple pattern to put together and picking up the stitches for the sleeve will probably be the most difficult part, when I get there at least.

Also: I like to print the patterns I use and slip them into those plastic sheet protectors. Y’know why? Because then I can do this:

As for my other projects, I have some pretty pictures for you.

“Hogwarts or Helms Deep”:

“Crown Prince Square Shawl”:

“Knupps and Crosses Scarf” doesn’t have a progress picture but I’m on the 5th center pattern repeat.

“Meave” also is coming along. Especially because I found the small cable needle I used on the first sock. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from ‘second sock syndrome’ on this one because it took me so long to make the first one that I’m basically hoping it doesn’t take me the same amount of time for the second one.

“Slytherin Scarf” (Mark 2) which is on the 9th color band (I’ve knit more since I took the picture):

Finally, I have the supplies waiting for the “Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL 2012”:

Hope everyone’s having a good Monday!


2 thoughts on “Weasley Sweater

  1. Goodness, you weren’t kidding when you said you have a lot of projects! I love them all! HPAddict

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