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Day 3

It’s day 3 with my Weasley sweater and I’m hoping to be able to finish the back of it tonight or at the latest, early tomorrow. It’s currently about 23″ long and in the size I’m making it needs to be 28″.

The pattern is also looking rather marked up at this point…

I’m at 136 rows for the back and still going fairly strong. Stockinette can be fairly boring but it’s good for watching TV and I can knit stockinette without looking at my hands.

Also, I took pictures of the “Knupps and Crosses” scarf:

Since I didn’t have one on Monday. And I also took a picture of Slytherin scarf I’m working on which I’ve slowed down on a little bit with the sweater:

I hope everyone had a good Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Day 3

    1. It is! It’s a surprisingly simple pattern and you don’t even need to weave in the ends when it’s all done because it’s a tube and you close the ends with the tassels. It’s great and really easy.

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