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Going Along

I tried writing this entry at 10 o’clock last night and really wasn’t getting anywhere. Upon realizing that the world was not going to end if I didn’t post a blog post on my MWF schedule I promptly went to sleep. Writing this post today also gave me the time to pull the pictures off of my camera to show you folks.

So with that, away we go.

Besides having filling put in yesterday, I managed to get past the initial on the front part of my Weasley sweater.

I’m now an inch beyond that and should be done the front today, and start the sleeves.

In spinning news (I know I haven’t had any of that for a while now), I finally managed to untangle the singles that I had started to ply and am now back to plying them. I’m unfortunately not getting neat stripes of color but I’m not too put off by it. I even know what I’m going to knit with the yarn once I’ve washed it and gotten the kinks out.

So here it is, in progress on the spindle:

I had hoped to finish plying it last night but that didn’t work out because my boyfriend asked me to dinner. Since I wasn’t going to say no, I’ll finish plying today. Hopefully I’ll have totally finished yarn pictures for you tomorrow. That would be great.

All of my other knitting projects have all gone on an unofficial hold while I’m working on this sweater. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s all I can work on. I will have a KAL starting tomorrow though so I’ll probably be taking some time for that. Just be warned though, there’s a  lot of blue in the future because the Weasley sweater is blue and the yarn I’m using for the KAL is blue.

Also: I’ve decided the next thing I’m going to cast on when I’ve finished a couple of things.

This thing:

Because Neville killing Nagini while wearing that cardigan is freakin’ awesome!

Don’t worry, there won’t be too many more Harry Potter related things for a while, and besides, knitting that sweater is going to be a beast of a job.


Comments welcome! :)

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