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Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL 2012

… was started today. The first clue was released this morning and I’m already almost done with it. It’s actually a rather small piece (the next clue comes out the 26th), but I’ve been doing other things today as well. Like cleaning my room. If you know me, that’s a big deal. I’ve also done three loads of laundry and organized one of my bookcases (which will get reorganized as soon as I have all of my books in the same room again).

So, as a recap, I have, in progress (oldest to newest):
Hogwarts or Helms Deep
Slytherin Scarf Mark 2
Knupps and Crosses Scarf
Crown  Prince Square Shawl
Weasley Sweater
Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL 2012

That’s  an awful lot don’t you think?

Anyways, here’s a picture of the KAL so far:

(Yeah, it’s not the best picture, but there’s only like 5 rows to the thing right now and the cast on was 277 stitches!)

In spinning news, I finally finished plying the superwash merino from Zarzuela’s Fibers!

I seem incapable of winding yarn into a hank, so I just went with a ball for this. I already know what I’m going to knit with it anyways. An Infinity Cowl. Should be nice! And I did the whole thing on a drop spindle. I’m quite proud of myself. Now I just need more fiber to spin!

My Weasley sweater is currently growing an arm and no longer truly portable so I’m only working on that while I’m at home. Hopefully it’ll be growing the second arm by next week and get sewn when finished. It’s starting to actually look like a sweater and  I can’t wait until I’m able to wear it. Of course, it’s going to be down almost to my knee’s and the sleeves are going to be wicked long because I’m making the adult large size and my actual size is adult small, add in the fact that it already has positive ease built in, it’s going to be one huge sweater. Unfortunately I don’t have any up to date pictures for you today (it’s hard to find a space to spread it out in to take pictures).

Can’t think of anything else I want to update ya’ll on, so hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday and I’ll see you on Friday.

Comments welcome! :)

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