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Knitting is always a learning experience. Whether you’re doing simple garter stitch or knitting something you’ve never done before in your life. Every piece, every bit of yarn, every pair of needles is a combination that can be learned from. Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself today.

So, as I rather enthusiastically mentioned on Wednesday, I started this:

Which after knitting 5 rows now looks like this:

Because somewhere along the line I messed up my count and because I didn’t have a lifeline I got to frog the whole thing and now I have to wait until tonight to start over again. (I didn’t bring the size 7 needles I need to cast on with me to work, I didn’t think I needed them.)

However, other projects are moving along. Maeva finally is starting to look like a sock (remember, Maeva is from the toe up):

My Weasley sweater with a partial sleeve (and a Smokey):

Finally, this:

Has become this:

Which is becoming this:

A nice soft and very brightly colored cowl. I’m using the Honey Cowl pattern, which is available for free on Ravelry. I’m doing a modified small version. I cast on 140 stitches instead of 110, but the large is 220 stitches, so it’s nowhere near that size.

In non-knitting related news, I was fiddling with my camera this morning and took a panorama of the view from my mom and my front door. It was actually a gorgeous morning. (Click to make it bigger.)

Hope everyone is having a nice and cool Friday, and I hope you have a good weekend!


Comments welcome! :)

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